this story rocks.


"Annie comes around at that moment to ask if everything's okay. Gibson nods, eats a carrot, tries not to think about how baby carrots look like small, blunt fingers. Mulder smiles politely and says, 'Everything's great.' Annie's cheeks turn a dull red. She refills their water glasses with hands that shake.

'She likes you,' Gibson says once Annie's out of earshot. 'She noticed you weren't wearing a wedding ring and she wanted to know how long your wife has been dead.' He knows he's being spiteful, but Annie also wanted to know why such a good-looking man could have such a gawky looking son.

Mulder puts his fork down and looks at Gibson levelly. Gibson stares down at his plate, takes a drink of water.

'If you're really not hungry, why don't you get that wrapped up and we'll go?' Mulder asks."




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