"'Did you ever have any pets when you were a kid, Mulder?'

She was sitting on one of the hotly contested benches in the mall, enjoying the breeze that ruffled her hair, watching Molly chase after a tennis ball that Mulder kept throwing. He had initially thought that, due to the heat, Molly would easily tire of the game. But it had been almost an hour and a half and, as long as Mulder's arm stayed attached, Molly would keep chasing the ratty tennis ball.

Mulder looked off into the distance, at some kids playing soccer on the far side of the field, and thought back to his childhood. Molly approached him and put her muzzle on his lap, looking at him with her round, black doggy eyes, silently asking him why their game of fetch had paused. 'Yeah,' he finally answered. 'I had a dog.'"


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