"Scully inspected the damaged trachea..... Using a scalpel, (she) carefully cut through the subserous tissue. The alveoli underneath contained a plug of solid ice, despite the above freezing temperature in the morgue.

"'This isn't possible.' She dug at an icy cylinder running through the right bronchus, chiseling loose a barrel of frozen snow. At the center she uncovered a small, white stone and she plucked it from the snow with her gloved fingers.

"'Ouch!' She dropped the stone. Even through the latex of her glove, the rock was so cold it hurt her thumb and forefinger. Using steel pincers this time, Scully lifted the stone to inspect it more closely.

"Her eyes widened as a coat of frosty crystals formed thickly around the white rock, expanding it until the stone resembled a miniature snowball.

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