"'This is an ugly situation,' Skinner continues. 'El Salvador is still recovering from civil war and they're undergoing a serious crime wave. The political situation is delicate. I don't think I need to point out the...obvious similarities between this and the incident in Kazakhstan. And at Ruskin Dam. But a lot of people in high places don't want to hear about that. They want to put blame on leftover death squads, or on the crime wave that's been sweeping El Salvador in the last few years. This is where you come in.' Acute discomfort crosses Skinner's features. He pulls off his glasses and polishes the lenses as he talks. 'This has overwhelmed the Salvadoran government's resources and they've asked the UN for help. The United Nations has in turn made a formal request to the United States and the FBI for investigative support. And the FBI will provide it.'

'When do we leave?' asks Mulder.

'*You* don't, Agent Mulder. But Agent Scully may.'"




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