"You know, Mulder, just because you leave those tapes in the VCR here doesn't mean I watch them."

"Scully, you know what I'm talking about. Do I have to remind you of your little encounter with Brother Andrew and the Kindred?"

Scully stiffened with embarrassment. She had felt so naive after her meeting with Brother Andrew. She almost ended up the same way as the victims that led them to the Kindred in the first place.

She launched back into lecturing Mulder in an effort to cover her discomfort. "Even if I do, it's completely circumstantial and comes from an extremely questionable if not disreputable source."

"C'mon Scully, it's all there: the involuntary attraction, the fantastic sex, the intense nausea afterwards. Then waking to find his clothing stolen, but the woman's clothing still there."

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