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This update has been a long time coming, we know. Rather than make excuses, we're just going to go on as if we never fell off the face of the Earth for a year. There are many new stories inducted into our Hall of Fame, and here they are in no order at all -- each one a jewel in its own right: Cyanide and Astroglide by Ethan Nelson; Careful by Oracle; Goodbye, Utah by Bonetree; Late Night at the Hoover II FranTheWonderhorse; Laughing by Probe;The Money Shot by Ensign Feldman; Our Skinners by Punk Maneuverability; Out of the Everywhere by Kel and Michelle Kieffer; The Pattern by Joann Humby; The Quality of Mercy by Mairead Triste; Slim Dickens by Martin Ross; They Can Mess You Up by David Hearne; Alpha Remix by Probe; Ash by Cofax; Beautiful by Gauri; Best Lies by Julie Fortune; The Tale of Captain Kirk's Cabin Boy by Audrey Roget; Christmas 1996 by Probe; Fata Morgana by Julie Fortune; Meditations on a Life Gone By by Syntax6; Sparks Fly Upward by Vehemently; Weret Hakau by Khyber; Wherever by bcfan; and Renovatio by Lisby and MaybeAmanda.

Phew. Enjoy! We promise this won't be so long in coming next time.


We hope everyone had a joyous X-mas and here's hoping for better than world chaos in 2005. There are six new stories inducted into our Hall of Fame: Playbook by ML; Savant by CallRachel; Something in Between by Rain; In Wolf's Clothing by AKA Jake; Never Enough by August; and Night Song by Zuffy.

Our Blessed Lady Amanda has completed cover pages for: Any Means Necessary; Any Moment; As a Reed Before the Tempest; Friend; Go With the Flow; Grief; Hopes and Betrayals; Jabberwocky; Mohammed's Mount; Moongate; North Star; Every Sparrow Falling; and Twelve Beads.

X-OK's Halloween Challenge page has also been posted. This was a particularly splendid challenge, with stories by BCfan, Rev. Anna, Probe, and Medusa. All previous challenges are here.


Happy MulderBirthday! This is the September update which, much to Lisby's foot-tapping impatience, is just now showing up in October. Big-time boomboom mea culpa (Marlene), here. There are six new stories for your Fall reading: Dead of Winter by Jane Lumley, The Laws of Intergenerational Relationships by Jean Helms, Moongate by Kel and Michelle Kiefer, The Rainbow Connection by Melannen, The Thirty-sixth by Jess, and Twelve Beads by Zuffy. Check out X-OK's fifth fic challenge, Ars Domestica. All previous challenges are up here, too. Go! Read! And enjoy them all.


Lots of great new recs to kick off your summer (or winter, if your part of the planet is so inclined) -- Bone of Contention by Kel & MSK, Any Moment by Winter Baby, The Ninth Plague  and Empty Corners by CGB, North Star by Foxsong, As a Reed Before the Tempest by Dryad, Outside/Inside by Oracle, Wishing I Could Tell You by Mimic, Overhead, the Stars by bardsmaid, and Friend by Mountainphile.  Also, Joann Humby's Insight series has been updated with parts 3 and 4 and we've added a link to Blood of Abraham, by MiK.

The challenge page has also been updated with a bunch of great new stories.

Check out the brand spankin' new cover pages for A Leg UpAn Anonymous Family, Falling Into His Eyes: The Rescue,  Just Say Yes, Lucid Moments, Mayday, Melancholia, and My Tape Runneth Over. 


Happy freakin' Leap Year! After struggling for a week with what appears to be a pernicious case of food poisoning, I am finally fit enough to get this update accomplished. First, I must report that Amanda has been working in the galleries again, making things pretty and organized. I have finally finished Part 40 of Lessons. Yes. Really. It's true. Now go order up the celestial choir.

IOHO is proud to make 11 recommendations this update. (I should note that for some reason, a number of these stories are about rapes--both Mulder's and Scully's.) The stories are: Every Purpose by CGB; Any Means Necessary by Ophelia; Split the Lark by Syntax6; Jabberwocky by The Sybarite Collective; Perfidiosus by Humbuggie; Mohammed's Mount by Flutesong; Badlands by J. S. Michel; Love Letters by TCS1121; Her Days, Dipped as if in Karo Syrup by David Stoddard-Hunt; and the conclusion of Tesla's This House is Burning series, The Quiet Glades of Eden.

Coverpages have been made for: Woven Deep; Misled by Spin; Resurgam; Songs of the Dead; and Shadows and Coolness.

Happy reading!



What? Another update?? But you just did one less than three weeks ago? What's wrong with you? What fresh hell be this? Are you all on crack???? Weeeeeeeeeeeelll, no, just some good doctor-prescribed codeine that has swabbed the decks of our pain and allowed us to continue to work like the deck swabbers we are on this here beloved site. And before I list the accomplishments that your saucy crew has made since the last update, I must pause to praise her like I should -- MaybeAmanda!


An Ode to Rocking Amanda

By FrantheWonderHorse

I think that I shall never see,
A one that rocks like A, Maybe.
And if you think these words I steal,
Please, my friends, contain your zeal.
It's just my talent (or the lack)
That makes me soundeth like a hack;
'Twould better left these poems be made
by one who's well and truly paid.


(Excuse me...I'm all choked up...Ah-hemmmm...okay...)

A MulderTorture Image Challenge was announced, and the call was admirably met. Somehow, along the way, Philiater ended up denuding Skinner, too. You'll have to read the fic by bcfan for yourself...

Amanda has produced a brand new rockin' Galleries main page. As well as covers for: Backlash; Modern-Day Bonnie and Clyde; Kinesthesia; Insight; Home for the Holidays; ; ; Living With the Dreaming Body; Out of the Box; Pearls Before Swine; The Sentient; and She Who Watches.

We're recommending 13 stories this update. They are: Mystery by Tesla; Songs of the Dead by Philiater; There is Only Me in My Bedroom by Tesla; Untitled: Scenes for Quiescence by Jesemie's Evil Twin; Falling into His Eyes: The Rescue by KinkyGrrl Diane; A Cup of Kindness by Maureen B. Ocks; Lucid Moments by Alelou; Every Sparrow Falling by Alloway; The Last Picture by Gina Rain; A Leg Up by MaSK; For All in Tents and Porpoises by Dianna Battis; In the Bleak Midwinter by ML; The Cold White Room by Deslea R. Judd; and A Thief's Diet by Tesla.




As you can see, MaybeAmanda and I are working on a revamp. The new index page is fantastic, as is everything else she's been creating for the site. Amanda, to quote bcfan, "rocks so much they're not rocks anymore. They've been turned by the raw pressure of Amanda's supercomputerizing power into semiprecious stones." (We do like to butter her up.)

The winners of the 2003 Spooky Awards have been announced, and they include a good number of X-OK denizens. Congratulatons, list sibs!

We also held a Christmas Challenge that produced some wonderful submissions.

The IOHO recommendations for this update are: Home for the Holidays by Lorilie; Backlash by Joann Humby; She Who Watches by Sarah Segretti; Floating Free by Lisby; Kinesthesia by Spookey247; The Sentient by Philiater, and Insight also by Joann Humby.

Coverpages have been made for: Whippingboy; Sign Language; Dear Mr. Mulder; Nebraska; and Motion and Rest.


Okay, I *really* have no excuse for the length of time between site updates. I'm not even going to try to justify myself. We're just going to offer you 16 of the summer and fall's best stories. As always, they are diverse and wonderful. In no discriminating order, 'cause they all rock: Scenes From a Murder Investigation by Dryad; Moose on the Loose by J. Millington; Ghosts of Future Past by Anjou; Modern-Day Bonnie and Clyde by Blue Swirl; Boy Invisible by Myriss; Out of the Box by Mary Sebasky; Sign Language by Emma Brightman; Deny Nothing by RivkaT; 99 and 44/100% Done by Sarah Segretti; Living With the Dreaming Body by Punk Maneuverability; Condemned by Lakticia; Dear Mr. Mulder by Wombat; This House is Burning by Tesla; Gefangener by CindyET; Pearls Before Swine by Kelly Keil; and Shadows and Coolness by Blue Swirl.

X-OK recently held it's second story challenge. The wonderful entries can be read here.

Coverpages have been made for: Behind the Curtains; Betwixt and Between; Butt-Ends of Days and Ways; Dead Tape; and Energy and Light; Foolproof; and Foux.



Okay, I have no excuse for the length of time between site updates except for real life, which, to quote X-OK's Michele of Gayworld, "has conspired to make me its biaach." Do multiple surgeries mitigate my unholy badness? I hope so. To make up for the recent lack of life, here is the latest crop of additions to the IOHO Best Of Archives: Woven Deep by Maureen B. Ocks; Whipping Boy by Myriss; Mist Over Water by Rae; Unfamiliar by CGB; Time and Tide by Frogdoggie; Motion and Rest by Vanzetti; Nebraska by Emma Brightman; and Resurgam by Ophelia.

Additionally, X-OK recently held it's first story challenge. The challenge parameters and entries can be read here.

And finally, the ever-glorious MaybeAmanda has created new coverpages for: The Bennington Triangle; Confessions of a Prying Mother; The Fugue; Eclipse; and Ovan Akta; The Mission; Things That Lie Outside; and Vehicle and Tenor.


Hello all. Lisby here. I know I've been out of the loop for awhile, but I'm trying to stage a comeback after a few very stressful months. I've just gotten around to reading everything posted since Christmas, so between Amanda and myself, we've got 13 stories for this IOHO update. As always, they run the gamut; suffice it to say there is a little of everything in this group. As we always stress, we're looking for good writing and an entertaining story. We promise all of these deliver, no matter what genre or length they are. And because there are so many, I'm going to present them by title and author only and in no order: Go with the Flow by Kel; Only in Threes by CGB; So We Kissed by Alelou; Mission by Alloway; Energy and Light by Oracle; Storms We Cannot Weather by Laura Castellano; Behind the Curtains by Lillydale; Butt-Ends of Days and Ways by Kelly Keil; Confessions of a Prying Mother by CindyET; Things That Lie Outside by JET; Why Don't Cannibals by bcfan; Foolproof by David Stoddard Hunt; and Ovan Akta by Foxfire and Girlie Girl.

Cover pages have also been made by the ever-industrious Amanda for Two Such Men, Silent Night, The Tests, and No Longer at Ease Here.



This is a belated update input by iwonder, sent from the second slowest modem in Maryland (Lisby's) -- the very slowest being my own. Lisby is currently tied up with family business; pray that she gets free soon or yer stuck with me on the next go-round. Amanda and I have have found four stories that we wanted you to take a peak at: Amanda's choices, Two Such Men by Horatio and Silent Night by callRachel are up, and my choices, No Longer at Ease Here and The Tests, both by Kel, are also ready for your reading pleasure. Amanda has been busy making cover pages. She's made Angels in the Architecture, Aquinnah, Dear Santa, Duty Calls, Interlude in a Miserable Year, Lived and Were, Missing, Nuestro Cuento, Porch Light, Raleigh, Reluctant Madonna, Small Fires, The Case of the Christmas Stalking Horse, Undying, Unquiet Grave, What Child is This?, and The Xmas Files. They're all great as usual, but that last is inspired. As always, please send the authors feedback; they love it, they need it.

If you're of a mind to shop, check out the cafe shop sections for Mustang Sally/Rivka T. Sally and Rivka have Iolokus-related clothing and accessories with a beautiful print of Medea, the legend that inspired their story.



This is a super-big update. First are three delightful Christmas stories: The Xmas Files, by Unknown (if anyone knows who the author is, please tell us),Dear Santa,by Laura Capozzola, and Abra Elliot's Reluctant Madonna. Next are classics by Vicky Mosely and Summer. If you have never read their "Book" series, you really ought to, for they capture the show in its heyday gloriously. The stories are: Open Sea and Open Hearts,as well as a unique non-"Book" series short story, The Sound of Your Voice. Next, Kel exposes the genetic consequences of Small Potatoes in Small Fries; Vanzetti offers a Mulder/Krycek moment in Porch Light; Aylssa Fernandez presents a clever case file--Angels in the Architecture; Punk Maneuverability 's Lived and Were shows Scully trying to pin Mulder down in words; Michelle Kiefer has written a very interesting El Mundo Giro post-ep, Nuestro Cuento; and Interlude in a Miserable Year, by Slippin' Mickeys, finds a Season 9 Mulder and Scully accidentally meeting in Los Angeles. Our final offering is Elanor G's fascinating look at the long life of Tooms, Undying.

Cover pages have been made for Nice Man and Of Ladies Most Abject and Miserable, and the Links have been redone by the invaluable Maybe Amanda.

As for Lessons, part 40, I am working on it and it will be up by Xmas. I promise. I have two weeks off and it will get done. Enough with the threatening e-mail.



Real life has had its wicked way with us lately, but we're back with some great recs. First, a couple of early Christmas gifts, What Child is This? by mountainphile, and The Case of the Christmas Stalking Horse by CindyET. In Duty Calls, Maiden Jedi looks at Diana Fowley and her reasons for leaving the first time. Banlu gives us a tour of Mulder's almost-final resting place in Raleigh. Scully reflects on her life and considers what she doesn't have in . . .missing. . .; . Unquiet Grave by mimic117 is set in season six and features Mulder, murder, and mayhem. And Anjou gives a tale of rebirth and renewal in Aquinnah.


At last, an stories update! First we offer Interregnum, by Horatio, a series of short stories that explores the developing relationship between Scully and Doggett after Mulder's abduction. Next is Interlude, by Syntax6, a post-Orison vignette; Mad Season, by Shelby Parker, is an angsty post-The Truth vignette; and Vehicle and Tenor, by Suture, probes the missing months Mulder spent with Gibson in the desert. In Prison of Innocents, by JRF Patton, Mulder returns from an assignment to find a disoriented Scully pleading to a felony. Her imprisonment leads the agents on the torturous trail of ghostly robbers. Next, a BDSM relationship between Mulder and Scully is explored in Punishment by Finding Fiji, and Joann Humby entertains us with Misled by Spin, wherein "Mulder and Scully go out to investigate a case close to the FBI Director's heart. The author's evil twin seizes the key board and things take a turn for the gratuitously erotic." Our final offering is Xanthe's wonderful new post-col epic, World's Child.


Cover pages have been made for: About the Maimed; The Dead Months; Bringing Him Close; Can't Outrun the Dark Man; Exorcism in Blue; Last One Standing; No Earthly Means; Silence Waiting; Song of Innocents; and Seen and Unseen.


Lessons, part 39 has been posted.



We begin this update with three beautiful older MSR stories by the very talented Michelle Kiefer: Second Sight, Nice Man, and Seen and Unseen. There are also two new stories by the fantabulous Deslea R. Judd, whose characterizations of Marita, Krycek, Diana, and Jeff are the best of the best. So don't miss Can't Outrun the Dark Man and About the Maimed. Punk Maneuverability has delighted us by adding a second part to one of our all-time favorites, The Wabash, Far Away. Next up, TCS1121 leads us down the road to Scully's recovery after Mulder's season-eight death in The Dead Months, and Pywacket shows Mulder healing from childhood trauma in Exorcism in Blue. Finally, there are two outstanding WIPs that no one-- and we mean *no one*-- should miss: The Mastadon Diaries, by CindyET, and Last One Standing by Mbtng. Happy reading!

Cover pages have been made for: Comfort and Joy; A Case of Compromise; Burning on Reentry; Abandoned; Down a Lazy River; Dinky Dau; Short Straw; The Wabash, Far Away I & II; Breaking Legs and Picking Pockets; In Dreams; The Mourning After; Blood and Breath; Everlasting Kiss; The Stranger; Johnny Lee; Salvador; Gates of Ivory; Left Standing; andDiamonds and Rust.


There are no less than thirteen recs this update of all sizes and shapes and pairings. First, David Hearne has added two new chapters to his growing post-col vignette series: Love Itself and By the River Dark. iwonder recommends the Mustang Sally classic MSRs, Diamonds and Rust, and its sequel, Everlasting Kiss, as well as RivkaT's classic, Blood and Breath. She's also happily slashified by JiM's In Dreams. Next up, MaybeAmanda gives it up for Song of Innocence by Christy, The Mourning After by Haphazard Method, and Left Standing, a post-col tale by Maidenjedi. Lisby's picks are No Earthly Means by Circe Invidiosa, The Stranger by the newly reappeared and ever-wonderful CindyET, and Gates of Ivory by Vanzetti. Finally, Ms. Livia Balaban has added a wonderful sequel to M. Luder, King of SETI Troopers Fanfic, titled M. Luder, King of

Cover pages have been made for: Nicotine Bliss and the Road Not Taken, Burdened; Choke Hold; Curse of Urticaria; Debrouiller; Disconnected; The First Fifty Times; Goodnight, Sharon; Indignant Desert Birds; Little Man; A Little Vamp Tale; Lock-out Time; Phantom Pain; Saturday Night with 'The Saw'; A Sketch; Sleep Alone; and Descension.


As we broil in the August heat, using it as an excuse to wear sarongs at any opportunity, we offer you a this scantily clad update: first is an interesting Jeff Spender/Kim vignette, Phantom Pain, by Kristin K2. Second, third, and fourth are three vignettes by David Hearne based on some of his favorite music and falling into place as a marvelous post-col story. They are A Thousand Kisses Deep, That Don't Make it Junk, and Here It Is. MaybeAmanda's picks of the week are the post-Monday The First Fifty Times, by Bugs; by the same author is A Sketch, an MSR vignette which takes place during a case investigation; and Foxsong's haunting post-col Sleep Alone. iwonder's pick is the pre-X-Files Mulder and Scully investigation, A Case of Compromise, by Joanne Humby. Finally, Lisby's pick of the week and a shouted "Must read!" is A Moment in the Sun by Prufrock's Love. This novel-length AU takes place in the 1950s and involves dozens of characters from the show in a novel plot true to the show's original mytharc.

Cover pages have been made for: 'I am Not Your Mother, I am a Dog,' Said the Dog; This Room and Everything in It; Lady Lazarus; Untold; Parabiosis; Things to Pack for Traveling When You're Dead; Johnny; Mr. and Mrs. Smith and the Ruby-Throated Warbler; Along the Way; Forbidding Mourning; and What a Way.

There are also new pages in the Ghost Gallery on orbs and a doppelganger photo.


If you haven't visited the X-Files Hand Puppet Site, for the love of all that is holy, go over there right now. (Older women, go to the bathroom first).


Lessons, part 38, has been posted.



Before we head off for our vacation at the Starwood Festival, here's one more site update. First is Deslea R. Judd's wonderful, gentle Doggett/Reyes vignette, Johnny. Second and third are two vignettes by Suture, Lady Lazarus and The Right to Remain Silent. The latter is a post-The Truth look at Mulder and Scully on the lam, while the latter focuses on Teena Mulder and her son. A similar theme is explored by Joanne Humby in Half Life - 1976. Next up is Forbidden Mourning, by MeridyM, a post-col story told by a young rebel soldier. Along the Way, by EPurSeMouve, is a snippet fic from Scully's POV, set post-The Truth. Wirrrn's Indignant Desert Birds finds Mulder hiding in the Antarctic, and finally, Lisby's pick of the week is Mr. and Mrs. Smith and the Ruby-Throated Warbler by Rah, in which the Smiths move into a rented historic home and try to relearn how to live.

Cover pages have been made for: Clark House; Curtain Up; Gold; Embers; Our Kryceks; Our Scullys; Professional Help; Social Security; Unsinkable; A Man's Man; Little Boy Blue; Limited Edition; The Lightening Room; Final Arrangements; It's Been Awhile; The Man Who Would be King; and Closing the File.

There are four new general galleries (the "Lazy Lisby Galleries"). Enjoy them in chaos.


After a very hectic month, here at last is an update. A big one. Unfortunately, I (Lisby) am so overwhelmed by the lot that I'm going to present them all with few comments other than *they all rock*. Here goes: Short Straw by Joanne Humby; Nicotine Bliss and the Road Not taken by Kelly Keil; Iced, Pt 1,Part 2, and Part 3, a novel-length epic by daydreamer; Untold by Melymbrosia; I am Not Your Mother, I am a Dog, Said the Dog by Hal; Recycled Virgins by Kel; Of Ladies Most Deject and Miserable by Circe Invidiosa; Things to Pack for Traveling When You're Dead by Martha; Saturday Night with 'The Saw' by David Hearne; What a Way by Noelle Leithe; and I'm glad to report that Running Lessons, by MaybeAmanda, is finally finished, and Articled to Error by Vanzetti, completes the trillogy begun with Pity and Rebllion.

Cover pages have been made for: Sweet Season; Pinax;. Desire; An Anonymous Family; Fade; Boy X; My Secret Life; Jersey; Failure to Die; Feathers, Bones, and Shells; Freedom Come Midnight; Any Other Name; and I'm Proud to be an American Where at Least I Know I'm Free to Vomit on the Face of Your Cherished Belief, You Miserable Pig-Humper.


There are eight new stories for your reading pleasure. First is the utterly wonderful AU ending, Fade, by Ann K, in which Mulder is found after an eight-year disappearance. Next is a beautifully written Mulder/other slash story, Deep Play, by Jeylan. Third is LGM Fic: Langley finds the girl of his dreams in Freedom, Come Midnight by Sue. Lost and Found in Wyoming, by Daska K, finds William's adopted mother suspicious of two strangers, and An Anonymous Family, by Gina Rain, also explores the identiy of William's adoptive parents. Feathers, Bones, and Shells, by Dawn, is a haunting The Truth post-ep, while Any Other Day, by ML, gently reconnects Mulder and Scully after William's adoption. Finally, the winner of the longest and funniest title ever given to a piece of fic, I'm Proud to be an American Where at Least I Know I'm Free to Vomit on the Face of Your Cherished Belief, You Miserable Pig-Humper, by David Hearne, is a pithy exchange between Mulder and Scully.

Amanda's computer is on the fritz this week, so no new cover pages to be reported. We'll have a double dose next update. And yes, Lessons, scene 38, is on its way. It's a very long and complex scene. Stay patient....


Please go read Livia Balaban's I'm not sure what it is, but go read M. Luder, King of 'SETI Troopers' Fanfic. 'Nuf Said.


It's time to dig into a batch of superior tales. First up is a wicked-funny X-Files/Angel crossover by Xanthe, Fatherhood 2002. When Mulder and Angel meet in a demon bar, pictures of babies come out of wallets. Next is Sweet Season, by Sophia Jirafe-- a post-adoption Willliam vignette. Third is an unusual story fragment, Pinax by Barbara D. Boy X, by Meredth, is an engrossing tale told by William; My Secret Life, by David Hearne, is a wonderful vignette about how William grows up. In Failure to Die, by Kel, an undercover assignment lands Agent Jerry Luskin and his colleagues in a "cursed" hospital. Can Dr. Scully handle an emergency without calling for the paramedics? Next is the perfectly delightful Jersey, by Jill Selby, in which Scully comes face to face with "evil." Next is Mayday, by Satina. When Mulder and Krycek encounter each other in the frozen north things warm up pretty fast (hubbahubba); and Lisby's favorite read this week was Any Other Name, by Louise Marin. When a naked and beaten Mulder appears at Scully's door a year after he was killed in a car wreck, Scully's concepts of "self" and "soul" are tested.

Cover pages have been made for: Waiting for John Travolta, Basketball Therapy, All Through the Night, Such a Good Boy, Faithful Companion, Mississippi, Swimming with the Shark, and Snow in Alabama.


I know that today is a hell of a sad day, so to cheer those who are following along a little, maybe, Part 37 of Lessons is posted. There are 5 scenes left, just for those who may believe it will never end. ;)


Lisby's in Reno, Nevada, on business but the updates must go on. Here are the stories she added to the site before she left: All Through the Night, by Mary Sebaski; Snow in Alabama, by MaybeAmanda and Tesla; Desire, by Alelou; Such A Good Boy, by Tesla; A Faithful Companion, by Bugs; Basketball Therapy, by Kel; Swimming With the Shark, by David S.; Waiting for John Travolta, by David Hearne; Mississippi, by Fox Song; and Hem Ben Ik, by Livia Balaban.

Cover pages have been made for: Captain, Colonel, Knight, Things Began, Shadow Wife, Standing Scared, Orrey, Man Without a Trace, Beyond Conception, French Inhaler, To Disclosures or Crescendos, The Layover, and Rest, Ice, Compress, and Elevate.


It's update day! Here we go: Unsinkable, by Ann K and L'il Gusty, is a brief, sweet tale of Mulder, Scully, and a dog. Man Without a Trace, by Syntax6, is the wickedly funny story of where the Lonegunmen really get their income. Next, Captain, Colonel. Knight, by Shelba, looks at three men's close encounter with death. Rest, Ice, Compress, and Elevate, by ARcaDiaNFalls, is a delightful look at patient Mulder and doctor Scully. Our next offering is French Inhaler, by OneMillionAnd Nine, in which Scully smokes and Mulder worries. In Beyond Conception, by Alelou, life gives Scully more than she's prepared for, while in To Disclosures or Cresendos, by Buckingham, Mulder, Scully, and William reunite. In Orrey, by Justin Glasser, Howard Pillar's son is found alive; and in The Layover, by Plausible Deniability, Jeff Spender and Diana Fowley discuss an important choice.

Cover pages have been made for: Contagium, Dissolution, Wing and a Prayer, First Snow, Heaven on Earth, Debriefing, A Willing Partner, Backseat Ethics, Tell You a Secret, False Memories, Seven Famines and a Feast, Three Times-- Restart, Relentless, and Undocumented.

Lessons, scene 36 is also complete!


There are some great new stories in this update. Up front is a pair by Flyn, Backseat Ethics and Heaven on Earth. In the first, Mulder and Scully loose their professional self-control in favor of hands-on activity, and the second is a missing scene from Existence. Next is an angsty little MSR, First Snow, by aRcaDIaNFalls, followed by Melymbrosia's equally angsty, Scully-POV vignette, Tell you a Secret. Our next offering is False Memories by Zuffy, in which a lonely Scully walks into a bar several years after Mulder's abduction. Seven Famines and a Feast by EmGee, gives us our required dose of Mulder angst; Three Times-- Restart by Joann Humby, lifts the mood with some healing MSR; Debriefing by Shan, is a Doggett and Skinner, John Doe post-ep; and A Willing Partner by MaidenJedi, takes us to the mid-1960s and the birth of Jeffrey Spender.

Cover pages have been made for: Yellow Balloons; A Contemplation of Mallards; Tellus Mater; Glimmering Girl; Aporia; Stoli; Fox Versus the Volcano; Laundry; Bitter Harvest; The Second to Last Seven Eleven; Controlled Substances; The Gate, and It Was a Dark and Stormy Night.


Here are eight fantastic fics. First, Fox Versus the Volcano, by Livia Balaban, is MSR at its finest; Programmable Children, by Char Chaffin and Tess, is an intriguing casefile; and Tellus Mater, by OneMillionAnd Nine, is a riveting post-col. Stoli, by Satina, is a delightful Mulder/Krycek slash vignette, while Aporia, by Suture, fills in some gaps left by Three Words with a big bunch o'angst. Next up, Laundry, by Punk Maneuverability, finds Krycek spying on one of Mulder's mundane evenings; Glimmering Girl, by Tesla, sees Mulder teaming up with Frank Black to work a child abduction case; and finally, Bitter Harvest, Pt. 1 and Pt. 2, by Michelle Kiefer, is a dark casefile with MulderDamage.

Cover pages have also been finished for Parallax; The Payment; Pentimento; Post-Post Mortem; Provisional World; Triebe; Waking; The Fine Thread of Sanity; How Glory Goes; The Impossible; Hard Luck Story; A Handful of Life; Further to Fly; The Dreaming Sea; and Far Away, So Close.


Lisby offers this new vignette--Winter Beach, an X-File/Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover.


This is the biggest update we have ever done. Here are fifteen tales-- some older, some brand new, some angst, some case files, some MSR, some post-eps-- all amazing and astounding: Clark House by Laura Castellano; The Lightning Room by Winter Baby; Waking by Gator Girl; Final Arrangements by Michelle Kiefer; The Provisional World by Buckingham; Time Pieces by Revely; Triebe by Fabulous Monster; Gold by Dawn Pares; Relentless by Rafferty; Closing the File by JRF Patton; Abandoned by ML; Little Boy Blue by MsAM; Embers by Foxsong; It's Been Awhile by FabulousMonster; and Curtain Up by Gina Rain.


Cover pages are now up for: Anabiosis; Meeting Mulder; Present Grief; Supermarket Sweep; Solstice; Milk and Honey; Horses and Bourbon; Dead For the Summer; Retrieval; Restless Vespers; Resignation, Resuscitation; Reincarnation; Promise; The Prince Bridegroom; and Possibly, Probably, Absolutely. Everybody say "thank you, Amanda!"


We're running behind on the update, but there is a very fat one coming shortly. Meanwhile, for those who have survived the drought, part 35 of Lessons, by Lisby, has finally been posted.


We're bringing you another robust group of eclectic tales this update. First are two short pieces with a common theme. Milk and Honey, by Fatladysing, follows Monica into a bar, while Anabiosis, by Tangential Thinker, follows Mulder. Short, but deep glimpses of two X-Files women follow in Present Grief (Teena) by Michelle Kiefer, and Meeting Mulder (Marita) by Rhetta. Iwonder recommends the post-col, Doggett-damage tale Undocumented by Lacadiva, while Lisby got the giggles from the babyfic Supermarket Sweep, by Fiona, as well as a post-Gethsemane pantswetter, Dead for the Summer, by Laura Capozzola. The final two stories are our own MaybeAmanda and coauthor Spooky247's surreal MSR, Solstice, and JC Sun's equally off-kilter meeting of Scully and Krycek, Horses and Bourbon.

MaybeAmanda, bless her little curly toes, has completed cover pages for Sketch, Skinner Torture; Skinner's Bathroom, To Absent Friends, Skinner and Gladys, Sieg und Verlust, A Show of Strength, Sugar Substitute, One Good Reason, and Rock Bottom.

(Lessons, part 35 is on its way, Lisby swears on Skinner-in-a-Barney-suit. She begs forgiveness and indulgence.)


Xanthe has released a new novel-length Skinner/Doggett slash tale, Personal Time, and JourneyToX made us laugh through our sorrow at the show's upcoming end with a well-timed 155-word giggler, Sugar Substitute.

MaybeAmanda has created some brilliant cover pages for Stones and Bones, Unfinished Universe, Verlassen, Christmas 2001, The Mall, Tongues of Men and Angels; Through Perversity; Suck on This; Trouble Me to You; Richochet; Someplace Warm; Stopping By Woods; Get Up, Mulder; Tilt; If You Need; Temporal Function; Synesthesia; and others....

No, the next part of Lessons is not ready yet. I swear I am working on it. Really.


Once again, a bumper crop of stories. These last few weeks have seen some truly exceptional stories posted in all genres. There is something here for everyone-- the slasher, the shipper, the post-epper, the Skinnerite, the Monicaist, and the Krycekaholic. Once again, we urge you to try these stories, even if they aren't in your usual reading genre. Here they are, in no order and with no descriptions in the hopes you'll give them a chance, regardless of length, type, or pairing: Truest Truths by CindyET; Reincarnation by Sophia Jirafe; Second Grace by DS; If You Need by CGB; Restless Vespers by Blackwood; Miracle by Tesla; Get Up, Mulder by Tesla; Tilt by Michelle Kiefer; Richochet by Kel; One Good Reason by CindyET; and finally, To Absent Friends by Lara Means.


One more update before 2001 closes. (Sometimes I can't believe that I've been here since 1995.) My first recommendation is Christmas 2001 by M. Sebasky. It's an angsty 200-word wonder. Next is Eve of the Half Moon, by Mischa, in which Scully reflects on her life at mass on Christmas. Third, The Bennington Triange, by CindyET (who's going to end up with her own IOHO annex soon), is a really clever case file in the great traditon of Detour. Fourth is The Mall, by The Oral Fixations. In this Christmas tale, Scully and William are quietly observed from a distance.

Sarah Marsden the Magnificent has created cover pages for the following: After Death; All the Children are Insane; Age Cannot Wither; Undertow; and Afterimages. (Thank you, Sarah!)


Merry Christmas and peace upon us all. We've got some wonderful reading for everyone who's on holiday, but first I want to pat Xanthe, MaybeAmanda, and (squeak) *me* on the back for winning Spookys in the 2001 competition. Thanks to you who read our work and voted for us. All three of our "best sellers" (The Adversary, Running Lessons, Edge of Field) are in the Stories section.

Okay, enough about us and more about the other wonderful writers out there. First, Tongues of Men and Angels, by Bugs, is a season nine Christmas tale that touches base with all our heroes; next up, City of Light, by Bonetree, is a Spooky-winning novel-length AU that begins with Mulder and Scully on the run from law enforcement (to tell you more would spoil the fun); third, Stopping by Woods, by JiM, is a gentle, snowy Mulder/Skinner slash tale set after Mulder leaves Washington. Fourth is Yellow Balloon, by Zullah, who gives us Doggett and Scully angst in the days during Mulder's abduction. Our fifth and sixth recommendations are for Our Scullys and Our Kryceks by Punk Maneuverability. These are the funny, wistful, and shrewd companion pieces to Our Mulders. Finally, we leave you with ML's Scullyless-Mulder-at-Christmas vignette, Comfort and Joy.

MaybeAmanda and Sarah Marsden are making my life sooooo much easier. Since the last update they've made cover pages for: Deep and Sharp Weather; Christmas in California; The Widow and the Orphan; Totality of the Burden; Unmarried Mother; Prelude; Unexpected Blessings; Eye of the Storm; The Fall Will Probably Kill you; Intellectual Pursuit; Old Soul; Offerings; One Minute in a Year; Even the Dead Are Warm in Tucson; Exquisite Corpse; Falling Upward; and Gene Pool. Please take at look at their work. It's fantastic.


There hasn't been a lot of time for me (Lisby) to read this week. I'm off to New Orleans on assignment tomorrow at the crack of dawn, but I wanted to give you at least a small update. I do have one angsty story to recommend. It's called Deep and Sharp Weather, by Shelba, in which Mulder writes to Scully and waits.... Scene 34 of Lessons is also posted.

This week the marvy MaybeAmanda has made cover pages for: Things No One Notices; Neither Here Nor There; The Great Beyond; El Quinto Sol; Premature Ejaculation; Road's End; One of the Byers; Paternity; Our Mulders; Neurotic Need for Validation; Howling Wolves; and Via.

Enjoy! Look for the next update around December 17.


Will you guys stop writing such good stuff? (NOT.) Here are seven recommendations by Lisby and MaybeAmanda. First is Betwixt and Between, by ML, wherein Mulder turns to Scully for comfort after a night terror; next up is The Curse of Urticaria, by CindyET, a post-ep for Tesos dos Hell Kitties (yes, you read right) that is, frankly, delightful; followed by Choke Hold, again by CindyET, who'd just better stop it before she gets sent to her room (this one is angsty and deals with Mulder masterbation). Fourth is Christmas in California, by Michelle Kiefer, who tells a bittersweet tale of Scully's first Christmas away from Mulder. Our fifth recommendation is for Things No One Notices by Tabula Rasa, a precious glimpse of the gentle side of our heros. In the hilarious Breaking Legs and Picking Pockets, by David Hearne, Mulder and Scully find neither The Lord nor Mother Nature likes to be messed with; Buckingham writes another of those perfect endings for the show in The Great Beyond; and finally, Neither Here Nor There, by Tesla, is a fantastic profiler!Mulder case file.


Attention all you MulderTorturers: Lessons, part 33, is posted on Lisby's page.


This update features six wonderful new stories. As with the last update, I finally just had to say, "Okay, enough!" and go for it. First is After Death by Rachel Vagts, wherein Mulder tries to deal with his return from the grave; Howling Wolves by Tasha is a post-col tale of a battered, but unbroken John Doggett; In Via by first-time author Christy leads Scully and Mulder through a spiritual restoration; Silence Waiting by Jesemie's Evil Twin is a uniquely told, delightfully lighthearted Mulder and Scully casefile; Dinky Dau byCindyET (who as far as I can tell writes stunning fic twenty-four hours per day), is a short and breathtaking look at the life of Walter Skinner; and both Maybe Amanda and I heartily recommend Neurotic Need for Validation by Kel, a casefile/Mulder sob story.

On the Levity Section there is a new link to Quotes from the Home of the Goddess (some by a certain 3-year-old who lives in my home) and the Links Section has been revised. We are currently looking for additional links. If you would like to recommend one, pleased e-mail Lisby, as the Recommend-a-Link function isn't functioning properly yet.

Finally, Maybe Amanda has done absolutely nothing for the last week but make cover pages for stories (I've made sure of that. Bwahahaha!). She has done so many that trying to link to them all here would take me hours. Among the pages she has completed are Two Fish Swimming; Meaning of the Term; Fourteen-Day Quarantine; Mom; IncompleteThought; Let it Be; Lithium Sunset; Found People; You Can't Go Home Again; Zombies in a Newer Age; End of the World Theatrics; Epiphany; Words, Words, Words; Mirror, Mirror; Next of Kin; and Black Hole Season. Our second new page-making slave, Sara Marsten, has completed Dogged Determination. I really don't know how to thank these guys enough. Please go and take a look at the beautiful covers for these and other stories.


We're back! England was green, beautiful and prosperous, as was Xanthe (although she's not green. Well, not exactly). It has taken days to go through the stories crowding my in-box. There are at least a half dozen more to read, but I (Lisby) realized that I just had to stop reading and do the update when I'd compiled a rec list of nine stories. In all my years of reading fan fic, I have never seen such an incredible bounty. And these stories run the gamut from MSR to Krycekcentric, from Skinner angst to howling comedy. I am awed by the talent of the writers and am deeply gratified as a reader. I hope that you will try each story, even if it falls outside the genres you usually choose. This breadth is what made this ficdom renown, and the writing surpasses anything officially produced, IMHO.

Here are the stories, in no order and with no descriptions. I really hope you'll sample each one: Debrouiller by Tess; Melancholia by Jeylan; Fourteen-Day Quarantine by CindyET; Gene Pool by David Stoddard Hunt; Staking It Out by Frogdoggie; Prelude by Kelly Keil; Thirty Years of Tears by Kristen K2; Other Night by Punk Maneuverability; and Lock-Out Time by ML.

I'd also like to announce that Maybe Amanda has joined us to rec stories and help me tackle the huge backlog of coverpages. Amanda has already produced three great cover pages: Obligations Among Men; Al Dente; and Not Dumb Animals.

Our next update will include a Link Page revamped by the ever-wonderful Sapphire, and I hope to complete the next chapter of Lessons by the end of the week.


Lisby and Marlene are heading off to London today to stay with Xanthe. The next site update will be around November 2. We have two new stories before we go. First, Lisby recommends You Can't Go Home Again by Leigh Alexander. In it, Mulder and Scully come to terms with being William's parents and a family. For the Skinner fans, Xanthe recommends Sergeant by Sergeeva. This story is set in Vietnam, and leads insight into Skinner's adult personality. Finally, Lisby has kept her word and Lessons, chapter 32 is posted.


It's Mulder's 40th birthday, so I thought I really should get the update accomplished. I (Lisby) have been in San Antonio on business (*wonderful* city) and am about to head for London, via Iceland, to see Xanthe! Let me begin by saying that I know people are waiting for the next part of Lessons. I will do everything I can to get it done before I leave on the 19th. All of the folks who have been writing me have every right to be impatient. I will try harder (hangs head in shame).

Here's a bribe: it's the new season 9 cast photo. Click the thumbnail to see the larger image. I so hate not to see Mulder, but one can hope that David Duchovny will relent and return for the final episodes with Scully.

We've got five recommendations this week. First is Three Times-- Overture, by Joann Humby. It's an angsty, melancholy post-En Ami encounter between Mulder and Scully. Next is book two of Running Lessons by MaybeAmanda and Spooky247. Mulder and William have been separated from Scully and are being tended by Billy Miles and host of delightful replicants. Our third recommendation is Found People by Jintian. This short X-Files/Angel crossover works amazingly well, as Cordelia's visions lead her to Scully, in danger. White Noise, White Wave by Shahara Zade, is post-col Doggett vignette that left me gaping. The final recommendation is for Ophelia's finally finished epic Resurgam, wherein something very angry is haunting a tiny graveyard in the Vineyard.


Hello all. Thanks for being patient. This week we have five new stories to offer. First is Dissolution, by the ever-wonderful Kelly Keil. My favorite quote: "I'd like to thank the Academy, and my partners Mulder and Krycek for being so generous and giving when they agreed to tie me up, but most of all I'd like to thank my fucked up psyche, which insists I play mind games on myself to be able to get off. I couldn't have given such a wonderful performance without you." Following along in the Scully-has-sex vein is Sketch, Fatladysing's newest G-rated slash piece. Next up is a fantastic mytharc case file, Salvador by ElanorG. Eye of the Storm by Annaran, is a post-Existence story that provides closure to the M/Sc storyline. Finally, we close with a short piece about September 11, Duty, by Menagerie.


In the wake of last week's enormous tragedy, I have found it very hard to do anything other than what's necessary. I was three miles from the Pentagon when the plane hit and I watched the heavy black smoke billow up into the sky from the roof of my office building. I've spent my week trying to confirm the status of 29 missing people who were members of the organization that owns the magazine for which I am an associate editor. So far I have found two probably deceased (although no one will commit) and one safe. Twenty-six to go.... I can report that I have been occasionally reediting Lessons. I think I'm up to part 20, as far as getting it fixed up to my liking. I really haven't begun on the new part, 32, yet. I will do my best to update this site before I head out on business next week, but if I don't manage it, please forgive me and look for an update after October 6.


Part XXXI of Lessons is posted.


Five wonderful stories are on this week's IOHO Must Read list. The first, a brief and sweet M/Sc moment, is Incomplete Thought by JHJ Armstrong. Second is another vignette, this one as dark as the first was soothing. A Handful of Life by David Hearne, is a key exchange between the Well-Manacured Man and Marita that we never saw. Third, Sacraments, by EmGee, was recommended by Xanthe. It is a wonderful story of hope in which Scully sends Mulder to Skinner's apartment on a mission to "bring him home." The forth story is the glorious Johnny Lee by Brandon D. Ray. Mulder and Scully take a rambling vacation and encounter a picture-perfect town and pure magic. Finally, CindyET has written a superb follow-up to the episode Grotesque: Malevolence. This one should not be missed! Read on, and send the writer's feedback.


Part XXX of Lessons is posted.


Well, technically, it's still Sunday, so I haven't missed my deadline. Part XXIX of Lessons is posted.


Hello everyone. Lisby here. I've been in the hospital for nearly a week, hence this very late update. I have some good stories to recommend, better late than never. First is Words, Words, Words by Circe. It's a very well written post-Three Words vignette about Mulder, Scully, and the ever-honest John Doggett. Next up is Children of Light by Bugs. This haunting story begins when Mulder is found dead, and is told by Doggett. Angst abounds! Third, by Kestabrook, is Let It Be, which fills in what occurred at Mulder's apartment the night after his mother's death. Finally, the delightful, lighthearted Hard Luck Story by Mish picks up at the end of The Goldberg Variation. MSR abounds as good and bad luck runs amok! Enjoy these stories and give the authors feedback!

For those waiting for the next part of Lessons-- it was almost finished when I unexpectedly went into the hospital. I expect it to be up by Sunday at the very latest.


This week, we offer the sequel to Even the Dead Are Warm in Tuscon, On a Clear Day, You Can See Tomorrow, by Fatladysing. (Because the stories follow each other like book chapters, they've been merged into one file.) Our second pick is Through Perversity, Joann Humby's fantastic post-Existence angstfest. Next up is a dark vignette exploring Marita's experience as a lab rat in Fort Marlene: Never Be the Same Again by Sophia Jirafe. Moving into lighter territory, Al Dente by Spookey247, is as fun and fulfilling a post-Existence tale as Joanne's is suspenseful and sad. (Lisby's favorite line: "Mulder pressed his point [to Scully]. 'Are you aware that there's *Velveeta* on your kitchen table?'") And last, but not least, Sarah Stella has written a lovely X-File's crossover with the book Smilla's Sense of Snow. Those who haven't read the book don't need to do so to enjoy this story. It's called Qanik.

In conclusion, Lisby is proud and somewhat surprised to announce that chapter 28 of Lessons is now online.


I (Lisby) am back from my sitar-laiden zen vacation at the Starwood Festival. In my absense accumulated oodles of stories to read-- pointed our way via the recommendation form, as well as new ones arriving through various lists. Thus far, we've found four to recommend. The first is a Scully/other slash vignette by a first-time fic writer. It's not your average X-rated bear. In fact, there is nothing graphic at all-- just a haunting original character. It's called Even the Dead are Warm in Tucson by Fatladysing. Next up is a rec from Marlene-- All the Children are Insane by MustangSally. It's a fantastic post-The End MSR. Our third rec, The Impossible by CGB, is a lovely, angsty M/S vignette. Finally, I thoroughly enjoyed Jeylan's Just Say Yes, in which an early-season Mulder screws up his courage to take his new partner and best friend Scully to meet his mates from Oxford. This one will leave you with a big smile. I promise.

Okay, this is where I commit myself. All of you who, for the last two years, have beaten me senseless with e-mail have finally broken me. I'm working on Lessons again. Right now I'm rereading it, as I've pretty much forgotten what it was about, and Marlene is making corrections to what is already online. Expect new parts relatively soon, God willing.


Hello, Marlene here. Lisby is off in the wilds of upstate New York doing the Nature Child thing (shudder), and it's my turn to apologize for the tardiness of this update -- I've been either working or sleeping for the past week, and I'm ready for a change. So I'm here with two stories for you to test drive, one a vignette, one a work in progress. The vignette is Anyone with a Gun by V. Salmone, a very believable post-Donnie Pfaster angstfest; the WIP is Running Lessons by MaybeAmanda and Spooky247, that both scares and reassures me at the same time. Not an easy trick, right? So drive them around, kick their tires and send these hardworking writers some thoughtful feedback.


Lisby here. I apologize for the gap between updates, but we had to move close to 75 stories from one server to another and I'm trying to fix dozens of links because of the move. To make it up to you all, here is a pretty meaty update. Our first three recs all have exotic foreign names, although that was purely chance. The first is Droit de Seigneur by David Stoddard Hunt. This creepy narration by CSM explains the restoration of Scully's fertility. Next up is El Quinto Sol by OneMillionAndNine. I can't tell you how hard I laughed at this one-- the writing is witty, fresh, and fun. Third is an excellent case file called Respect des Fonds by Rachel Vagts. The recommendation was sent to us on one of our new rec forms. Our next story was also submitted by form. It's Cofax's Innumerable, in which Scully works with the U.N. in war-torn Eastern Europe. Finally, another one by OneMillionAnd Nine--the delightful Premature Ejaculation. Enjoy!


Hello everyone. We're back from a relaxing trip to the woods (no monsters, abductions, or fluid-sucking insects... well, a few fluid-suckers, actually...) Here are five wildly different stories to enjoy at your own summer-vacationing leisure. The first is Shelter in a Time of Storm by David Stoddard Hunt. It's a sweet story of a grandmother and a son who is searching for the truth. Next up is a mournful Skinner/Doggett slash piece set just after TINH titled Down a Lazy River, by DashaK. Third is another TINH tale by Alanna dealing with Scully's grief in the months following Mulder's death. It's titled Foux. Fourth is an older story that's been revised. Mirror, Mirror by CindyET, is a good, old-fashioned classic X-File. Lastly, Michelle Kiefer portrays a tired and lost Walter Skinner in Further to Fly.


Just a few recommendations this week. I really haven't had a chance to read, as Marlene and I are preparing to go on vacation. However, three short but very well-written pieces caught my eye. The first is Falling Upward, by Kate Rickman. This is a moving exploration of Mulder's sudden conversion to family man. Horatio follows with Disintegration, in which Doggett and Scully walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Mulder's Death, post-TINH. Finally, CindyET uses her ESP to write down my own (unhappy) prediction for the reasons of Mulder's now indefinite absence in Paternity.

We have also added a new feature on IOHO: an automatic submission form for your recommendations. Please let us know where to find what's missing from our Best Of collection!


The recommendations this update run the gamut from angst-o-rama to hilarity. Beginning with the latter, Old Soul by Ann Ripley is a deadpan comedy best described by its summary, "One life ends and another begins." Marguerite's up next with her wonderful, witty Dead Tape, a West Wing crossover in which Mulder and Scully try to get Mulder declared legally alive. Moving into the angst, Zombies in a Newer Age by David Stoddard Hunt is a post-Three Words vignette about Mulder's difficulty reconnecting with life. In Healer, Deslea R. Judd retells Season 8 from Jeremiah Smith's perspective. The last is the most angsty: Jess M. reminds us that nothing may be as it seems in The Other Man.


We've got a great batch of stories this week. First up is Limited Edition, an endearing glimpse of Mulder as stay-at-home dad. Also sure to make you smile is Lara Means's Mom, in which a Mother's Day present for Scully is purchased. Breathing, by Jamie Greco, is a humorous conversation between Mulder and Scully on their way to Lamaze class. KatyBlue shows us how the duo build their brains in Intellectual Pursuit. Finally, M. Sebasky's Marita lays Krycek to rest in The House of Hope is Built on Ash.


Here we are on the last day of the last season of Mulder and Scully. (When I saw the headline "Duchovny Quits X-Files" I actually winced.) To mark the occasion, I've finally finished Edge of Field. It's the story of Scully's life after Mulder's abduction and the alien invasion, when unexpected good things start happening. Enjoy and send me some feedback if you are pleased.


We've got four new stories. First is Xanthe's recommendation, Her grief and Her Care,a Kim/Krycek/Skinner story by KristenK2. To quote Xanthe, "It's really very moving and one of the *best written* things I've read for ages. The way Kristen writes Kim is nothing short of amazing." Lisby (no, the damned story is not done yet), recommends another Krycekcentric tale, Undertow, by the ever-wonderful Kelly Kiel. The third recommendation is Michelle Kiefer's post-return-from-the-grave Mulder rumination, Lithium Sunset. Last, Mulder wonders about his future after he fired from the Bureau in The Fall Will Probably Kill You by David Hearne.


This is not Lisby and I--errr--she is not updating this site and therefore breaking her vow.

Okay then. With that clear, here we go: Xanthe recommends the AU classic: The Prince Bridegroom, by Diana Williams-- a slashy X-Files retelling of the book by a similar title. Lisby (who is not here), recommends Revely's newest melancholy mid-season 8 AU, The Unfinished Universe. Marlene's pick is Offerings by CDavis, a vignette about peanut butter and the search for comfort. Last, Olivia's WIP A Lonely Death has been revised and updated.

Also new on IOHO is Rules for Dating Skinner's Teenage Daughter. And if the continuing adventures of our cats interests you, mine--um-- Lisby's has taken up acting Shakespeare.

And finally, Lisby's Limited Oeuvre has a new look.


No, we did not fall off the face of the planet. Poor put-upon Lisby (that's me!) is trying to finish the final scenes of a new story. Boo hoo hoo. While I putz, here are quite a list of stories for you to read instead of mine. Tra la la.... Xanthe has two recommendations, both delicious M/Sk/Sc threesomes: Skinner's Bathroom, by Twisted Sister, and My Tape Runneth Over, by A. Manley Haight (now there's a nom de plume fer ye). Lisby (that's me!), who isn't finishing her new story, has no less than five recommendations. First are a lovely, angsty trio of post-Three Words tales: Grave Goods by MaybeAmanda and Spookey247; One Minute in a Year by JLB; and Burdened by dee_ayy. Because Lisby (that me!) is feeling nostalgic, check out EPurSeMouve's season one flashback Things Began. Finally, it got missed somehow in its first run and shame on us-- Black Hole Season, by Penumbra, thrills with sublime prose. (Really.)

Lisby (that's me!) swears to not update this site again until her albatross-- errrr, story is posted. Go away now and read....


Here are a fresh batch of recommendations for your reading delight. In Verlassen, Part I and Verlassen, Part II, by TexasRose, Mulder faces the soul-crushing loneliness of an extended captivity. Our second rec is for Sophia Jirafe's beautiful post-Rain King story, Alphabetum, in which Scully reflects on her fascinating and frustrating life with Mulder. Next is Post-Post-Mortem by GA. It's a DeadAlive post-ep/Mulder recovers vignette that will make surely make you smile.

Cover pages for Contact High and Scenes have also been completed.


We're back! Neither crockery, nor mysterious insomnia, nor Lisby's overflowing in-box can keep us from updating this site! Here are three recs with more to come later in the week. First, we offer something not related to the Mulder abduction arc. In Mish's whimsical Possibly, Probably, Absolutely, Mulder yields to his green-eyed monster. Our second rec is for KatyBlue's The Totality of the Burden, in which Scully reflects on evidence that she never recognized. Finally, Vivian Wiley's Parallax is a meaningful, melancholy encounter between Scully and Skinner.

Also, those cover pages for Collapse,Closed Colony, Special Stock, and Hollow Day actually work now. If you don't see pictures, let us know.

And finally, speaking of pictures-- if you want to be deliciously spoiled for Sunday's episode, check out Mulder's luscious bare feet and an equal opportunity damage image with our two newly met protagonists.


Cover pages have been created for Collapse,Closed Colony, Special Stock, and Hollow Day.


Another substantial update. All are imaginitive, well-written, and fascinatingly different post-Per Manum or post-TINH stories (we might as well wallow in it). First up is a Skinner/Scully 'incident' called The Gate by Jordan. Second is Diana Battis and Alanna's Eclipse, in which the details of the in vitro process and its affect on Mulder and Scully are revealed. Next at the plate is CindyET's Maggiecentric The Widow and the Orphan. Last, but not at all least is Livia Balaban's happy-ever-after epic, Cunegund's Restoration.

Check out this hilarious cartoon that Xanthe found here, and visit our Levity Page for the equally hysterical poem by Jordan (two recs in one update!), The Fall of Fox Mulder. Finally, Lisby's been doing some work on the Ghost Galleries.

Lisby and Marlene will be vacationing next week in North Carolina at a potters' convention (go figure), so the site will be updated next some time in the week after DeadAlive. Xanthe will be Queen List Mommy of X-OK (sound of crop slapping palm).


This is the Mother of All Site Updates.

More recs than you can shake a stick at and in no special order (they're all special): Tabula Rasa has written a wonderful, spooky little case file called End of the World Theatrics; ML's Age Cannot Witherties together the events of season eight with a thread begun in Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose; In I Heard the Roar of Thunder, Frogdoggie gives us threesome lovers something to be very glad about; and Livia Balaban's The Myth of Silence exposes deeper levels of the late Mulder's history and personality than Scully ever knew.

Wait! We also have two older tales to recommend. The first is Afterimages by Ravenscion-- a post-Pine Bluff Variant look at the mental trauma caused to Mulder. The second is TexxasRose's compelling novel-length tale Ahead of Twlight. Fox Mulder is imprisoned for a crime he did not commit. By the time his innocence is proven, Dana Scully has moved on. Will they meet again?

Also complete is a major gallery update with new additions to both the Doggett and Mulder At Work areas. You can find all the new pictures here as well. And lastly, the cover page for The Caretakers has been created.



Have we all stopped crying yet? TINH almost killed me....

Lisby here with four recs! The first is because I'm feeling sentimental. It's The Fine Thread of Sanity by Lara Means, a post-One Breath angstorama. Next is JC Sun's quirky reeling-in-Mulder vignette Resignation, Resuscitation. Third is a little post-TINH heartbreaker by Mountainphile--Sunset Visitation. And lastly, the one that made me sob for an hour, but then profusely thank the author for filling in blanks that CC never will--How Glory Goes, by Marguerite.

There is a new case in the Ghost Gallery concerning the Ghost of Ordsall Hall.


CindyET has expanded her wonderful vignette So This is Agent Mulder into an equally wonderful full-length story, Sieg und Verlust. Branwell has written a cool case file-- one that would really make a fantastic episode. It's called Closed Colony, Special Stock. And for those who feared we might not offer up a post-sperm request Mulder masterbation tale-- wrongo! Professional Help, by Jess M, is our favorite of the crop. Finally, we've added Ophelia's terrific, haunting WIP, Resurgam.

The cover pages for Bringing Him Closeand Blue Patches have been completed.


The secondary characters of the X-Files are rarely explored in fan fic, but this week three clever, well-written, and very satisfying stories appeared featuring Doggett, Krycek, and Marita. First is Shadow Wife by Rachel Anton. The second story is Little Man by Fialka. Third is The Fugue by CGB.

The cover pages for Bittersweetand Anahata have been completed.


Slowly, I (Lisby) am producing cover pages for stories. Today I did Ad Vitam Aeternam, Ashes to Dust, An Acceptable Level of Happiness, and At Dusk. Hope you enjoy them.


Have we got some fine reading for you. First, CindyET has been writing waaay too much good stuff recently. In Road's End she rips our hearts to pieces with a dark ending to the Mulder abduction/baby arc. The second story is a long, complex serial killer case file with some classic Mulder one-liners and great interaction between the partners: it's All the Way Home by Syntax6. Third is Caprice by Diana Battis. The story is a post-Je Souhaite MSR that was utterly enjoyable-- both the plot and the smut!

But wait! There's more. Here are two outstanding Mulder returns stories. The first is The Thin Ice of Modern Life by Trelawney. The second story is one of the most perfect endings for the whole series that a comfort fiend could wish for. It's An Acceptable Level of Happiness by Jenna Tooms.


The Daddydaddydaddy Gallery has been updated with thirteen new pictures. You can view them here. (The lovely manipulated picture is by Sergeeva, who completely rocks!)


Lisby here. You'll have to excuse me, but I'm on a fic reading binger. Today, I have drunk with pleasure the following three tales that I must recommend. The first is Hollow Day by Kel. This look at the day after Samantha's abduction from the point of view of the Mulder's babysitter is beautifully written and deeply moving. Second, Alanna has earned my ernest praise with Etiolate. It's spoiler fic, so I won't give away any more than Mulder is gone and Scully begins to move on. Lovely writing! Third is The Watching Wall by Amerella. The writing in this post-Amor Fati tale is astounding. Don't miss it!

In the "just to light a fire under her" category, Sapphire is currently working on a makeover for my home page. As for me-- yes, I am writing ever so slowly. Forgive me, faithful ones! I've had a lot of RL problems recently. I'll have something together very soon.


Okay, Badlaa was not too badlaa. With a sigh of relief, we offer two new recs: Not Dumb Animals, by Alelou, and Driftwood by our own Xanthe. Alelou's delightful vignette is about--well, to quote Scully in the story, "Oh my. Here we go." We'll leave it at that. Xanthe's story is of Skinner's new life and Mulder's return, inspired by a picture made by Sergeeva, and a photo that Lisby had on her hard drive for years, always meaning to write a story about it, but begged Xanthe to instead. (Both pictures are included in the story.)


Hey. Lisby here. We've got four fresh stories to recommend today. First, a trio of recs from me. I have to admit that I miss Mulder horribily. His absence, combined with a dirth of Scully, Doggett, or Skinner character development during these last months of stale MOWs, is really getting to me. So, all my picks have to do with characters: Promise, by Keleka, Epiphany by MaybeAmanda, and Collapse by ElanorG. As an added bonus, in Elanor's story, we get a really great case file, too. Xanthe recommends Unexpected Blessings by Marie Endres. It has a rather cheeky end, much like Xanthe herself. ; ) Enjoy!


A trio of recommendations today. The first two are from Emma Peel-- er--Xanthe. Aphrodisia, by Kristel S. Oxley-Johns, looks at Mulder and Scully's exploration of a dominant/submissive relationship. Xanthe's second rec is Testosterone and Silky Hair by Halrlo "Stop Her Before She Kills Again" prillalar, wherein Skinner proves he's a man's man in any time period... Lisby's rec is Beduini's enchanting relationship study, Scenes.

Lastly, Skinner fans out there will adore this incredible new picture gallery by


Here are two more fine tales. First, Doggett gets his first real look at Fox Mulder in And So This is Agent Mulder by CindyET. Second, Cathleen Faye does it again with a revision of one of her older pieces, Rock Bottom. This is an ultimately hopeful, post-Folie a Deux look at the strained relationship between Mulder and Scully. Finally, there is a new case in the Ghost Gallery.


A rec from iwonder! Her pick is It Was a Dark and Stormy Night by Josan. In this great little slash piece, you'll meet "Vodka," "Boss Man," and "Armani," patrons of a local B&D bar. Enjoy!


We've just completed a large update to the MulderTorture Gallery, including two pictures from as-yet unaired episodes (Mulder laying possibly nekked on a blanket and a clothed Mulder with wounds on his face looking out what may be a window).


Happy New Year! Mulder come home!

As you count down the minutes until midnight, here are two new tales: Fringe and One Fish, Two Fish. The first is by Michelle Kiefer and her own summary is the best tease: "I wonder if Mulder has found someplace warm to sleep, and if he's had a hot supper. I pray that no one hurts him, and that he has a good coat." The second story is by Rah. It's a very snappily written and warmly humorous look at Scully's maternity leave.


There are yet more new cases in the Ghost Gallery. (Oh shut up, I'm on a roll and trying to avoid writing my own fic.... L.)


Our very own LoneGunGuy has created a case file epic, Inversus. Follow Mulder and Scully as they pass through the looking glass and into a netherworld manifesting on Earth. There are also three more cases in the Ghost Gallery.


Joy of the season to everyone who has helped make this site blossom in the last year-- crew, regulars, and visitors alike. May your holidays be a time of love and peace.

Here's some unforgettable fan fic to count amongst your gifts: The first is a wonderfully written, whimsical MSR holiday tale/mini-case file by JET, Small Lives Awake. Second, is a MulderTorture epic by our own Xanthe, The Adversary. Mulder is abducted, raped, and tortured by an agent of the Consortium. This is an amazing story about human suffering, human love, and the human will, but it is very graphic and won't be for everyone. Please make the decision to read wisely, after self-reflection.


There are two new additions to the Best Of list. First, Alanna tells us the heartbreaking, but ultimately hopeful story of Scully's pregnancy in Occluded. Second, Kel offers us the page-turner (or is it screen-roller?)Controlled Substances, in which Scully goes undercover to find a way to remove the nanocytes from Skinner's bloodstream.


There are three new cases in the Ghost Gallery.


Someone told me recently that she liked IOHO's recommendations because they were so varied. Well, here's one that definitely falls under that euphemism: Excuse Me, by the demented duo of Swenglish and Karoshi, is bathroom humor, plain and simple. We promise you that you will ROTFL despite your best efforts to act like an adult. Thanks to CDavis for the recommendation! Keep 'em comin', folks! Also new, and not centered around the potty, is Fading Shimmers of Gold by Sarah Kingman. Mulder has returned, in deep need of therapy. This story chronicles his first steps toward a new life.


Sophia Jirafe has put out a nice Scully/Doggett vignette called Deliberation. In it, Scully searches for comfort, and finds Doggett receptive. Enjoy!


Looking for a wonderfully twisted case file? Try Snowman, by CindyET. In it, a refreshingly happy Mulder and Scully travel to Maine to track a murderer who's made of ice. Our second pick is another of Penumbra's dreamy, incredibly written relationship explorations, Contact High.

Keep sending in those suggestions for stories we should check out. Also, we're proud to say that our X-OK is thriving with more than 150 members. If you haven't joined, please do! The link to join is here.


Two new tales: first, Xanthe recommends Sergeeva's classic Rarest Man series. Yup. Skinner loves Mulder and Agent Bad Boy loves his daddydaddy, too. Lisby's pick of the week is Blue Patches by MaybeAmanda. It's a short, sweet tale of Mulder after his release from alien captivity.

We are also taking suggestions for worthy stories. If you've got a story you love that isn't on IOHO, send us the url and we'll take a gander at it. We can't promise automatic inclusion, however, but we'll give it a fair read. Submissions can be sent to


The overhaul is finished and we hope to heck that everything is linking. If anyone finds anything broken, please let us know.... Anyway, we all hope that you like the new stories section layout. Sapphire worked her butt off on it. (She's really a super slave girl. Rattle those chains! You go!) There's a new story to recommend as well. It's by Kelly Keil-- The Caretaker. Set in the months following the invasion, it sets the scene for the birth of Scully's child and reveals the effect of Mulder's self-sacrifice on the aliens' rule of the Earth.


There are four new stories this week: First is a lovely Mulder/Skinner relationship piece we've wanted to recommend for a while and finally have permission-- Someplace Warm by JiM. Second is an utterly astounding MSR by Penumbra, whose writing puts us all to shame-- Parabiosis. Third, that pesky Hal is at it again. Her latest is A Man's Man, or "when alpha males collide." Finally, Xanthe gets a birthday present: November Eleventh, by Lisby, is a window into Mulder's mind one evening after his return from the stars.

We're just about to unveil the new stories page, so there are no links to these stories on the A-K or L-Z pages. For the moment, you'll have to link to them from here.


Hi. Lisby here. I forgot to mention that the results for the Wirerims awards are in (and thanks for eveyone who garnered Vestigy a second place and several honorable mentions!). You can view the winners here. The selective nomination process for the 2000 Spookys has also begun. There are so many good stories up for consideration that it's almost impossible to choose, but please support your favorites by heading over here and voting. And haven't we all seen in the last week just HOW important it is to get off your duff and speak your mind??? ; )


New stuff galore. First, The Dreaming Sea, by Revely, is Lisby's pick of the week. After all the MulderCrucifixion of the season opener, Revely's tale of a misfit from the sea and Mulder's affection for him, was just the gentleness she needed. Xanthe's offering is Unmarried Mother by the rip-roaring Hal. Xanthe has also added some revealing manipulated pictures to the DaddyDaddyDaddy Gallery. Finally, there's creepy new case file in the Ghost Gallery.


Halloween was-- well, click here to find out.

We've got three new stories to recommend. First, Freak, by Ursula Luxem, is a funny, shippy, creepy homage to Christine. Next is the clever post-Amor Fati mini-case file Stones and Bones by Sophia Jirafe. Finally, we bring you Jess M.'s wonderful The Man Who Would Be King. The show should have done it, but didn't, so Jess had to: Scully and Mulder investigate an Elvis sighting.


Sorry for the lack of updates this week, but our slave Sapphire is just about finished with the story pages overhaul and Xanthe is here on a visit. Yesterday we went to Richmond, Virginia, where we met up with Circe and Elixa. We'll be getting back to you with an update before the season opener on Sunday.


Forgot to mention that there is a new gallery. With heavy hearts--but we're going to give the man a chance, dang it, 'cause he sounds like such a sweet person--we present Scully and the New Guy. There is also an exclusive interview with Mitch Pileggi here that we really think you will enjoy. It was given specifically for that Web site, which was the first Skinner site online. Enjoy!


First up, Xanthe felt a good spanking was in order (and yes, she does actually sound just like Elizabeth Hurley). In Bringing Him Close, by Geoffrey, a BDSM relationship between Mulder and Skinner is explored, with Skinner very much in control. Lisby's pick is Abort, Retry, Fail by Tallulah Wolf. This is a neat mini-case file and exploration of Mulder and Scully's relationship during the cancer arc. This is the author's first story, and it's wonderful, so cheer her on! Trillobiography has been updated again, as has Joann Humby's Disconnected.

There are more new MulderTorture pictures in gallery six. They are from the season opener eps, Within/Without. You can view the new pictures here.


More great new stories! First, try Ley of the Land, by Eve11, a classic case file very much as might appear on the show. Next up is a heartbreaking vignette about the loss of Mulder, Ad Vitam Aeternam, by Foxsong. Xanthe has offered us a Skinner/Mulder bondage delight, A Routine Interrogation, by Lyrica. Trillobiography has also been updated slightly. (It's a sex scene, if *that* moves you to read it.... : ) )

Finally, the MulderTorture gallery has also been updated. You can view the new pictures here.


Lots of new recs on the Best Of Pages. First, Lisby says waahooo to Revely's beautiful story of unexpected miracles, Wing and a Prayer, and Cathleen Faye's dark glimpse of captivity aboard an alien craft, Pentamento. Xanthe has also added two Skinnercentric picks, Skinner and Gladys, by Medina, and Retrieval,by DayDreamer.

The Professional Working Relationship gallery has also been updated with about twenty new pictures. You can view them here.


The Halloween decorations are up, and the leaves here in Western Maryland are just beginning to turn. It's a perfect day to sit on the porch swing and read. We've got three new stories ready for you. First, here are two picks by our lovely new cohostess, Xanthe: Far Away, So Close, by Laura Jacquez Valentine, and SkinnerTorture by Wombat. The first is a truly beautiful story about Skinner and Mulder set in 2011. The second is a hysterical look at the havoc slash writers cause to the lives of the X-Files characters. Lisby has added her latest pick, Sounvenirs, by Maybe Amanda.


Yeah, yeah, the wonder drug has been found: this is iwonder posting to say that I didn't do a bit of reading this weekend BUT I did stack and start firing my first load of pottery in my own kiln! And then the fuse blew.... Yep, I had to call Lisby's husband in DisneyWorld so he could tell me where the fuse box was. Lisby and son were heading out to swim in the Guitar-shaped pool (as opposed to the Piano-shaped pool which apparently failed to pass muster by being too shallow. Harumph.).

Between frenzied writing and editing sessions at her convention she managed to write a bit on Trillobiography but unfortunately she didn't send it to me to upload. She'll be home Wednesday evening and hopefully will post another installment soon. In the meantime, I'm trying to remember where I put my glaze brushes when I hid them from Wyatt....


See, I told you it would take a "wonder" drug to get iwonder to update while I was gone.... This is Lisby, hacking into her site from the Orange County Convention Center in steamy, tropical Orlando, Florida. New to the Best Of page is the humor vignette Social Security by the funnest being on the planet, Hal. Find yourself the mandatory adult diaper and get reading.

Friday's lift-off of the Atlantis was picture-perfect. It was a lifetime dream for me to see the launch from just outside the blast zone. I'll post some pictures when I get home at the end of next week....


This is Lisby. Lisby to Earth. Over. We're receiving you, Lisby. Over. Mission Control, I'm going to be out of town for the next two weeks and there probably won't be any updates, unless I drug iwonder with something that makes her productive. I'm sorry to leave you all but (this is the part where I squeal like a pig) in just a few hours, I am on my way to Cape Canaveral to be a VIP guest at Friday's launch of the shuttle Atlantis. Afterward, I'm working a bit, then heading straight for The Mouse. I'll be returning on the 20th.

When I get back, I promise you new story recs by our newsest addition to the IOHO gang, the swank and sexy and ever-so-Emma-Peel Xanthe, and some by our resident lacky and potwasher, Sapphire, who is still slaving away on the story pages redesign. And Trillo might even get finished by the deadline for the Spookies....

Have a wonderful couple of weeks! This is Lisby, over and out.


Ainon's awesome At Dusk has been added to the Best Of pages. This dark and riveting exchange between Mulder and Scully was oddly beautful, even as it ground your heart into a little mushy pulp. And that's the way we like it here at IOHO....

Yesterday, I (Lisby) received an e-mail from a group of fic writers, and I feel that I have to comment on it because I don't want the purpose of this site to be taken for more than it is. In this e-mail, which was sent to many different archives and recommendation sites, the writers said, in part, that if you don't already have a name in fan fic, you'll never have one because you can't get anyone to look at your writing. If I read it correctly, it also seemed to imply that the archives and rec sites are promoting a kind of good old boy network of exclusion.

I don't agree with the first statement. Everyone starts off unknown. It is usually the quality of the work that draws an audience and keeps it. In addressing the second, I want to make it very clear that this recommendation site is based on the entirely personal, and sometimes mercurial, tastes of Lisby, iwonder, Logovo, Sapphire, and soon-- if the naughty girl gets her act together--Xanthe. (There. I've said it in public, Sam.) The contents of this page are not meant to be any more than what we like, and as importantly, what we stumble across in our limited time to hunt down stories and read them. This site reflects our taste in fan fic and therefore, cannot help but be slanted toward writers we admire and readers who have similar tastes. We're not trying to be exclusive here and say that our favorites are the only good stories out there. They aren't. And we will put up a story by any writer who gives us permission, if that story strikes our fancy. As we say on the intro page, there is no secret agenda. What you see is what we like. Period.

Whew. I hope that soothes everyone's savage beast.... ; )


Jane Mortimer's classic, The Sin-eater, is now on the Best Of Pages. Scully discovers she's missing time and that things have changed in her absence.... Also new (and new, as in just released) is a story by M. Sebasky titled A Dream of Thaw. After four years of searching for Mulder, Scully settles down with her daughter to live "a life." This one can't be praised highly enough.... Trillobiography has also been updated.


We've added the wonderful sequel to Alloway's All the Mulders, titled One of the Byers. You'll find the link at the end of the cover page for the orginal story. We've also added Pepper, a whimscial tale of werewolves and culinary paintstrippers, by David Hearne.

For those of you receiving the e-groups update, the company is adding advertising at the top of the e-mails. They have to raise the funds to keep the service free somehow, they say. Let's hope it's not too annoying....


Lots of new stuff.... First, the sequel to Vanzetti's amazing Pity and Rebellion is now on the Best Of pages. You'll find the link to Pain is Real on the Pity and Rebellion cover page. Second, Trillobiographywill be updated by the end of the weekend. Third, the "Damn, He's Gorgeous" and "MulderAngst" galleries have been updated. You'll find all the additions on the New Images page. Finally, if you're cat inclined, check out the Levity section for When Good Cats Write Bad Haiku and The Secret Diary of Wyatt Earp.


There are two wonderful additions to the Best Of pages (and yes, Sapphire is slogging away on the redesign...). The first is Meaning of the Term by Sister Zooey. Sometimes, as a Shipper, you just need some satisfaction. This story-- which is actually three vignettes-- lets Mulder and Scully tie marital knot in a fun and believeable way. No white weddings here, but a union just the same. The other story is The Second to Last 7-Eleven by V. Salmone. This angsty story about arson and love is shockingly well-written. The author left Lisby drooling over nearly every sentence and wishing they were hers. Enjoy these two fantastic tales and send the authors feedback!


We've just had some terribly sad news. JourneytoX, who is our dear and beloved friend, lost her husband yesterday. If you know Kim and wish to send messages of sympathy, we're sure they would be deeply appreciated. Her e-mail is I just spoke to her and she says the e-mails she has received so far have been of great comfort. She asked everyone of faith to pray for her husband, her family, and herself. We'll let anyone interested know where to send flowers or charitable contributions.

If you're reading this-- we love you, Kimmy, and we're with you.


Sapphire is in the dank dark pit, working on a redesign of the Best Of pages. While she slaves away on this project, we have added two new stories: Burning on Reentry by Bugs, and a story with a title as weird as its content, Enjoy This Post-Requiem Fic, Won't You? by A Frightened Little Girl. The first is the story of Mulder's return from his sweetly fuzzy point of view. The second is a humor piece that requires you be in good health to read it, otherwise you may bust a gut. We're just warning you that the bit with Mulder and the large pole may cause you internal organ damage from excessive howling.

Welcome to the many who have joined the site update list since we set it up on E-groups!


We've done it! Thanks to our new, partner, the amazing Sapphire, IOHO has a new look. More redesign will be occurring the in the following weeks if Sapphire doesn't saw off her leg irons. Trillobiography is updated, as is Eve11's angstfest WIP, Pushing the Needle. If it isn't already, Olivia's WIP, A Lonely Death, will also be updated. And, to make it even more wonderful, there is brilliant new story in the Best Of section, Exquisite Corpse, by Alcott and Bone Yard. It's a very different, dreamy take on the boy on the beach in Amor Fati, Mulder's return, and the baby's birth. Enjoy!


You're probably all wondering where the heck we are. Well, the answer is that we are crushing the spirit of a new, associate at IOHO. Sapphire is now with us, and possessed of much html and java magic. We're trying to redesign the opening page. I expect it will be unveiled in a day or so. The new look is really cool, and we think you all will enjoy it. Expect an update to Oliva's Lonely Death, this weekend, as well as another update to Trillobiography. There will also be a new addition to Best Of section. Just hang tight and things will hopefully start getting through the pipeline this weekend....


Joann Humby has released the third installment of Disconnected. You'll find a link to it on the WIPs page. Also, KatVictory sent us an updated copy of The Damascus Files, including a lot more new material. If you've already read it, you only got part I and half of part II. Now there is up to the first half of part III. You'll find this story on the Best of page. There are about a dozen new photos up in "The Way He Loves Her" gallery. Finally, Trillobiography has again been updated. You'll find that on Lisby's Limited Oeuvre.


There's a new gallery: Mulder at Work. Enjoy!


It's a post-col wonderland! There are three new masterpieces in the Best of Section. All are post-invasion, and deal with Scully, Skinner, and Mulder's fight to survive, as well as their relationships with each other. First, The Damascus Filesby Katvictory, is parts I and II of a trillogy. Mulder develops startling powers after a terrible injury. All we can say about this one is WOW and where the heck is part III???? The next is Absit Invidia by Frogdoggie. If you like Sk/Sc/M threesome, this is like heaven on earth. Finally, Xanthe does it again with Contagion, the story of Scully and Skinner's developing relationship as they fight to save the last people on the earth.


EPurSeMouve's excellent post-Requiem story, White Carpet, is now in the Best Of section. It's an all-too-perfect characterization of Scully's possible life after Mulder's abduction. In Invisivellum's gentle Surreal Thing, another post-Requiem tale, Mulder returns to find he is a father.

Trillobiography has also been updated.


Check the WIP section for a link to Joann Humby's Disconnected. It's the story of Krycek's interface with Mulder while the aliens modify him aboard their craft. Great reading! We've been making cover pages for stories this week, as the backlog is ever increasing. Stop writing so many good stories, darn you all!


This week all our top picks are either narrated by, or focus on characters other than Mulder and Scully. Was this premeditated? No. Is it cool? Yup. The Payment by Elanor G, is an angsty vignette encounter between CSM and Marjorie, the old woman from En Ami, explaining their true relationship. Obligations Among Men, by Ainon, is a tale told by Langly and an alternate ending to Brand X. We've got to warn you, if you love Mulder, it will make you sob. For a long time. Perhaps several days. We did. Really. No kidding. Truly. Our hearts are breaking just thinking about it.


Don't miss Goodnight, Sharon by WesternRose. It's Skinnerfic at it's finest-- and let's face it, daddydaddydaddy doesn't get the focus he deserves, now does he? This story takes a big step in the right direction. More new pics in the galleries, too.


There's something new in the Best Of section. It's Vanzetti's darned fine Pity and Rebellion, an angsty, yet amusing Krycek story that solidifies the character's gray motives. There is also a rock-'em-sock-'em love interest and a very confused Fox Mulder. Three stars!

Another gallery update is underway and Trillobiography should be updated soon. Lisby's working through a rough patch she can't seem to get right.....


OHMYGOD. If you want to read angst like no angst before, go to the WIP section and feel the burn of Pushing the Needle by Eve11. It's going to take days to recover.... Punk Maneuverability has yet another delight added to our Best Of Section. This 1997 musing, Our Mulders, will make you remember, smile, and adore him still.


Punk Maneuverability has written a delicious vignette, Strange Fruit, which is now in Best Of section. Yeah, it's MSR (wanna make somethin' of it?) and it's darned glorious, too-- especially the final few paragraphs, which captured this particular reader's heart.


A rather juicy update to the MulderTorture Gallery is in place. Otherwise, we are fixing broken links. Oh, an our Ghosts Gallery is currently being featured on in the paranormal area....


Finally, a new story in the Best Of section. This delightfully odd vignette by Lydia Harkness goes by the equally odd title of Spanking Scully's Stone Soliloquies. What sold us was Mulder's interesting imaginary friend/psychologist who appears in times of insomnia. And the angst! The UST!

Another photo gallery update is also underway. And it looks hopeful that Trillobiography will again be updated this weekend.


WE ARE HERE! This may be the beginning for normalcy for the IOHO crew, after a god-awful 14-hour attempt to get home from the University of Oklahoma. By the way, if you are in the Oklahoma City area, go see the new Murrah Federal Building bombing memorial. Lisby went last week with a group of law enforcement, FBI, and security specialists. It was eerie and heartbreaking and beautiful and haunting. If the photos come out we'll put up a few.

Trillobiography has been updated. We haven't had time to do any reading yet, but we're planning on working on some story pages this weekend and seeking out the best of the last month's crop of stories. Thanks for sticking with us!


Can we just say again that RL is a bitch? Just keep repeating 'this too shall pass' and we promise to update just as soon as we can. For those who haven't heard the good news, David Duchovny has signed for 11 episodes for season 8. His lawsuit with Fox was also settled out of court, in his favor. His whole deal is for approximately $20 million. Way to go, Dave!


We're back from Florida, but things are extremely hectic. The day we returned, Lisby got conscripted for jury duty and has been hearing cases ever since and trying to do her job in the off hours. Then she's off on a business trip on the 23rd. The upshot is that there may not be any updates for another week or so. Please bear with us! RL is a bitch!


It's story bonanza day! There are no less than five great new tales in the Best Of section. The first two, Anahata (Cassandra) and Two Fish Swimming (Rachel Anton) are post-All Things vignettes dealing with Mulder and Scully's first sexual encounter. Suck on This (David Hearne) is a hilarious post-Brand X vignette about Mulder's nicotine addiction. Meredith writes the counterpoint to the episode Ascension with heartaching beauty in Descension. Finally, Cleopatra's Needle (Alanna) is a gentle relationship piece.

Trillobiography will be updated by tomorrow afternoon. There won't be any more site updates until May 8, when we return from a working vacation in sunny Orlando, Florida. Enjoy while we're away!


Xanthe has written an utterly heartbreaking vignette called Bittersweet, now in the Best Of section, and she owes us a box of Kleenex. She'll owe you one, too, after you've read it. Trillobiography has also been updated.


Temporal Functions, by Rachel Anton, has been added to the Best Of pages. Mulder faces a horrible possibility-- is Scully really the same Scully abducted by Duanne Barry? This one gave us shivers. Also, check out the gallery update on the New Photos page!


More new photos! There is also a new case file in the Ghost Gallery.


A Breath Between Us, by KatyBlue, is now on the Best Of pages. It's a splendid vignette about bitterness, an explosion, and its consequences. A small gallery update is also underway. Check the New Photos page!


We've found another stunning story for the Best Of pages: Ashes to Dust, by Mary Sebasky. It's a look back at the relationship of Cancerman and Teena Mulder, set just after her suicide. A real gem-- go read! Also, Trillobiography has been updated again.


Cherished, by Alcott, has been added to the Best Of pages. This is a four-Kleenex special. Lisby sobbed like a baby at this tale of angels and devils and human love. Beautiful writing, wonderful premise. Really an extraordinary piece. Enjoy!


Trillobiography has been updated again (Lisby's on a roll here, kids). Also updated is A Lonely Death by Olivia on the WIP page. This one just keeps getting better and better....


Trillobiography has been updated. Believe it or not, we're in the home stretch.


Two post-colonization classics now grace the Best Of page: Journal 1999 by MD1016, and Show of Strength by Meredith. Both of these stories are, simply, just stunningly creative views of the post-invasion future. They're award winners and rightly so. Enjoy them.


We've got a new addition to the Best Of page: Strangers and the Strange Dead by Kipler. It's 2006 and two FBI agents have come to a small New England town as long-missing living and dead are at last returned. Kipler's writing is astounding and the surprise ending will wring your heart out.


Trillobiography has been updated and the MulderTorture Gallery has been expanded!


Our pick of the week is Fish for Fallen Light by Nevdull. A fantastic and gripping case file, sparkling dialog, and an impromtu poem by Mulder make this more than a Must Read. It's a Must-Read-the-Damned-Thing-Right-NOW-No-Kidding.


We have just added a funny, clever, devious little case file called Malus Genius by Maybe Amanda and Plausible Deniability. Trust us, the demon in the gym bag spouting scatalogical insults in Latin is just the icing on the cake of this Buffyesque comedy.


This has been a hell of a week at work. No time for anything. Last week, however, we did add a wonderful new story. We're just getting around to mentioning it now. The story is called Vespers and it is by Penumbra. We have never seen such fluid, powerful writing. Penumbra truly catches the innerworkings of Mulder's "beautiful mind" and gives him a first-person voice like none we've ever read before.


Dash over to the Best Of pages and read David Hearne's The Seventh Age! We could not put this post-col epic down. It is utterly original and madly, supremely fanstastic! Hurry! Go read!


Standing Scared by Scullysfan is now gracing the Best Of page. It's a wonderful Skinnercentric vignette that takes place on the plane trip to California during SUZ. Also new is The Winter Vein by Punk Maneuverability. PM manges to create a simple, sweet vision of the beginning (at last!) of a M/S romance. We're also beginning a gallery update and Trillobiography will be updated within the next few days.


Run like the wind over to the Best Of pages and read the latest abductees into our Hall of Fan Fic Fame: Blood Oranges by Syntax6 and Synesthesia by Haphazard Method. Both of these stories revolve around x-files investigations while also focusing on the Mulder/Scully relationship. Blood Oranges is a MOW with a surprise ending that will leave you gaping, while Synesthesia serves as a post-Amor Fati closure.


Trillobiography has been updated at last. We've also been playing catch-up on making cover pages for the Best Of stories....


We've broken the Works in Progress and Unfinished Stories out into its own section off of the main page. One of the motivating factors was the addition of Oliva's A Lonely Death, which we have been following in serial form for months. In this tale, Mulder is the fixation of a serial killer, who disposes of men who look like him, while drawing ever closer to the real intended victim. Great Mulder/Skinner UST.


Simple, by JourneytoX, is now gracing the Best Of section. It's an interesting, comforting little post-Orison vignette rife with threesome overtones. Also new is No Place Like Home by Barbara D. This is a wonderfully mindboggling AU story the begins with a board game and becomes a game of a much bigger scope. Enjoy!


Two new stories in the Best Of section: Christmas Spirit, by EPurSeMouve, and Falling Down in Four Acts by the ever-angsty Anubis. The two stories couldn't be more different in tone. The first is a warm-hearted holiday tale; the second is as black as a lump of coal in your stocking. Both are completely wonderful. Get. It's time to go read!


We are extremely honored and proud to be able to bring you three stories that we have wanted to recommend for several years: Complicated Shadows, Different Light, and Deus Ex Machina All three, by WickdZoot, form an epic of delicious and devastating proportion. We sincerely want to thank their author for allowing us to archive them on this site. It was the best start for a new millennium that we could receive. Now get over to the Best Of page and read.


Almost everything is up and running again. There's also a new story in the Best Of section-- Opsis by Punk Maneuverability. This Scully narrated tale takes place in a dreamy sort-of end-of-the-world, where mysterious fires burn and Scully burns for Mulder.


Merry Christmas!!!!

You may notice that a lot of links are broken. We are in the middle of moving most of this site from Earthlink (which says we're getting too much traffic; we suppose we should take that as a compliment!) to Geocities, which doesn't seem to care how much traffic we get as long as they get their hit from our credit cards every month. Frankly, this move is a pain in the ass and we are working to get eveything running as fast as we can. Meanwhile, please be patient with us and help us out by reporting broken links. Most of the problems are going to be on the Best Of pages. This is the bulk of the material we had to move and reconstruct.


Utter joy! Lisby's Vestigy won a 1999 Spooky Award for Best Skinner Characterization, and a second place for Best Skinner/Scully Romance. If you voted for it, thank you ever-ever-ever so much. On that happy note, the sequel,Trillobiography, has been updated!


We've got a few great new reads for you. And So it Goes by Michelle Kiefer portrays today's Mulder and Scully working an abduction case much like Ruby's back in season one. Scully narrates, and we see how her perpective on these cases has changed over the years since her own abduction. Michelle's writing is to die for. Don't pass this one up! Also new is Barbara D.'s Stakeout Through the Heart, wherein our heros spend eight hours on surveillance duty and secrets of the heart begin to slip. Wonderful, believeable, and the characterizations are excellent.


We have the honor of adding two unbelievably wonderful stories this week. First, K. Maramus does it again with A Candle for Katherine. Your average bloke tries to suss out the waif camped at the station, who happens to be a bedraggled Dana Scully, stranded and penniless. You now have to go read to find out more.... Our second addition is Dasha K.'s stunning Blinded by White Light. Dasha poses a tough question: what happens when you're no longer who you were, when the search for who you've been leads you away from loved ones? Please don't miss out on this heartbreaking and heart warming epic. And if you do, don't say we didn't try to convince you otherwise.


Vertia e Verdi, by Alanna, has been added to the Best Of section. It's a lovely Muldercentric, post-Amor Fati vignette. Trillobiography has also been updated.


We've finally had a chance to do some reading and two new stories have been added. First is Eli, Eli by Marguerite. It's a post-Amor Fati vignette dealing with Mulder's healing. The second is Relic of Tough Weather by Jesemie's Evil Twin. This Thanksgiving vignette is full of poetry and haunting images that prove JET is a writer of profound imagination. Other news: the image gallery update is finished!! Vestigy has been nominated for four Spooky Awards!!!


Trillobiographyhas been updated.


Okay, for all you MulderTorturers out there, we have just added the creme de la creme of photo images of the suffering martyr in the new images gallery. We've also added the utterly hilarious Hurt/Comfort by Halrloprillalar.


Grand Gestures by Revely is our pick of the week. This is one of those stories that really could be crafted into a fine TV episode. It's clever, entertaining, USTie, and PG-13! Wow. Thank you, dear author, we loved it! Our second thrill read is Cellphoneby K. Marasmus. This little story is much more than it seems and the end will rip your heart out.

New photos also continue to be added and Trillo will be updated within a few days....


Trillobiography has been updated, although don't expect a big chunk. As soon as I (Lisby) get over my three rounds of sinus and teeth surgery, I'll get back to it full swing. The heavy pain has alse kept me from reading a lot of new stuff. Sorry to be such a slacker. If I feel up to it, I'll add some more pictures to gallery this weekend, and maybe find you all a nice new story. Meantime, have a Happy Halloween!


Have we got a story for you. Hurry over to the Best Of page and read Little Earth by Xanthe. It another wonderful post-invasion piece that will make you sob. After using up your Kleenex, read Party by Beduini to cheer yourself up. It is very similar to Wabash, Far Away in that it takes place at a post-case celebration, with someone watching Mulder and and Scully. What they see is absolutely delightful.


There are many new pictures in various galleries. All of these can also be found in the New Pictures gallery. Surgical recovery is putting the whammy on more Trillobiography. However, there is a new story on the Best Of page called A Mature Indiscretion by Mish. Scully and Mulder admit to previous marriages. Another story with a neat little premise that really works out nice. Enjoy it and tell the author.


There are three pictures from the season seven opener, Sixth Extinction, in the new pictures section of the gallery! Three nice new Walter Skinner pics, as well... Also, we've added the ripping good acid trip through multiple dimentions, Tikkun Olam by RivkaT and Mustang Sally, and Looks and Smiles by Jo-Ann Lassiter. The latter is a threesome tale about the evolving closeness of Mulder, Scully, and Skinner.


We've just added two new stories, both post-Biogenesis. First is A Less Certain World by Sarah Segretti, in which a very vulnerable Mulder struggles to regain his sanity. The second is Spiritus Mundi by JourneyToX. This one has more angst than your average bear. Some lovely images, too. Go forth and read!


We're baaaaack! Las Vegas was full of the same old smokydingding, but Death Valley and Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Areas were sights of a lifetime. We stand humbled by nature. If you ever get a chance, get your courage up and go to Death Valley. (Take lots of water.) Okay, Lisby has exactly one week until her next, and hopefully final round of surgery, so we'll be adding some new stories and pictures. For the moment, here is some new Trillobiography. Enjoy!


IOHO has shifted into idle for the next two weeks. Oddly enough, it's not for surgery on any part of Lisby's body. No, she and a cadre of other writers and editors have been transported to the annual convention tied to her work -- this time in Las Vegas (why did they convene in New Orleans *before* I met her?? Marlene whines.) After the convention I'll join her and we'll scope out Death Valley and some ghost towns. More Trillo as soon as Lisbially possible.


The long-avoided gallery update has finally begun. All new pictures are now in the New Pictures gallery, as well as the appropriate themed gallery, so that viewers who don't want to review three pages of MulderTorture (or whatever) can easily see what's been added. (Of course, we completely fail to understand why anyone wouldn't want to review all the MulderTorture pictures, but that's just us....)


Click on over to the Best Of Section and read Bulletins From Bedlam by Jessica Harris. This post-invasion Mulder/Krycek tale is completely unique. We've also just added a link to the X- Files Spin the Bottle site. He he he he....


Looks like we all survived 9.9.99...There's a new story in the Best Of section called Show by Rachel Howard. It's a novel premise carried to sweet and sad perfection. To reveal more would spoil all the fun. Go read, would ya?


More new stories: Locusts by SynnerX and Pass You By by Lydia Bower. Locusts begins with a heartbreaking murder that turns into something much bigger.... Lydia Bower writes an agonizing exchange between Mulder and Scully. It's heartbreaker, too. Enjoy the pain.


We've added two new stories: Convergence by JLB and Corpus Delicti by KatyBlue. The first is MSR, one of those happy resolution pieces that Lisby occasionally so desperately needs. It's chiefest strength is the careful way JLB stuck to the characters as they have come to be and has, therefore, spun a believable and moving tale of the first steps toward Scully/Mulder intimacy. KatyBlue has totally blown the relationship to bits in her story, so the two together make a great contrast. Katy's writing is achingly wonderful and the story is high angst and high oogie-factor. You will love it.

A little more Trillobiography is also posted. Lisby just had surgery (again) and has had the mental prowess of a mud slug....

We've also added some new links-- one to a Season 7 spoiler site and another to a site that features news about GA and DD.


Check out the Best Of Section for Wind River by Cathleen Faye. The story is a case, character study, and slash tale (with MulderTorture!) all rolled into one. We really enjoyed it. Hope you do, too.... We're almost caught up on the story cover pages. We hope they please the authors and do justice to their outstanding work.


New to the Best Of section is Joker, Jack, Queen by Anubis. This is a rape story-- Krycek rapes Mulder. It is not for the weak, okay? It is also a fantastic read for those who enjoy angst and MulderTorture. Also new is Nihilism by Allison J. This is a wonderful Scullycentric piece that fills in the gaps between the burning of the X-Files office and the movie. It is touching, angsty, and there is a great case, to boot. Enjoy!


Trillobiography has been updated.


Lisby has added three new case files to the Ghosts Gallery. They are pretty darned creepy. Avoid viewing before bedtime.


More story intro pages are complete and we have added a new story, Slings and Arrows, by Amanda Summers. This is another great Diana Fowley tale that, again, fills in her blanks in a believable way. Happy reading.


Trillobiography has been updated!


We have made some kick-butt intro pages for stories that did not yet have them. Check them out!


A few changes: First, LoneGunGuy's annex can now be reached through the index page; IOHO is also about to become the host for all the fiction of Amanda Summers! Woo hoo!; and finally, there are some delicious new pictures in the MulderTorture gallery. Where is Trillobiography? Well, er--writer's block and a an injured foot requiring the use of drool-inducing painkillers have slowed down production. More to come soon-- really.


It's finally here. Go immediately to the stories page and read The Tiger Complex. This novel by LoneGunGuy is, quite simply, the best classic X-Files case we've ever read. It is complicated, intelligent, funny, sad, and scarier than hell. There's even some lovely MulderTorture. Read, read, read, and make sure you tell LoneGunGuy he's the best. (We try to tell him at least every week or so just to keep him motivated.)

Also new is another fantastic vignette by Amanada Summers called Nothing For Me. The teller of the tale is Diana Fowley, and it makes her character more three-dimentional than it has ever been on the show. Don't miss it!


There will be a new story up shortly by Geb called A World to Save. Another post-invasion piece. Scully and her son by Mulder are given refuge in West Virginia by the Kurt Crawford clones. But West Virginia is not almost heaven....


We've added a story by Jennifer Stoy called Drive, He Said. It's a post-invasion piece, with Scully following Mulder's last admonishment, to drive. It came out last year, but somehow we missed this gem on the first go-around. There's also a pathetically small amount of new Trillobiography.


We've added a photo tribute to our new kitten, Wyatt Earp. You can get to it through the Levity section. We also finally fixed the X-Files fan Fic web ring. Go enjoy the surf!


Trillobiography has been updated.


Lisby has just spent five hours fixing all the links on the recommendations page. Everything should be operational.

Hey-- whoever is reading IOHO from the Techcafe in the Slovak Republic, drop us a line and say hi! We keep seeing your hits and are curious!

Oh, and Lisby promises to update Trillo this week. The reunion with Mulder scene is giving her fits. Hopefully, it will be safe for human eyes in a few days....


Our old friend Amanda Summers has written a stunning new post-Biogenesis vignette called >Code<. Warning: Summers' visual method can cause the shivers! But we promise that a disturbingly wonderful read lies ahead.


A great new story has been added. It's is called An Audience of One by Nevdull. Although the premise sounds odd -- Mulder and Scully each telling a story to a group of kids at a Chucky Cheese-type pizza parlor-- it's the stories themselves that make this story. Trust us.

Trillobiography has also been updated. 'He' is nearly back!


We've just added several new stories. First, a new piece from the long-absent Amperage called Safe Haven and a fantastic post-apocalypse piece called After by Xanthe. If you read nothing else this month, take the time to read this. Adding pictures to the galleries continues, and we're making cover pages as time allows us.


Woe! A whole month has gone by since our last update! Where have we been? In Las Vegas, that glorious city of Sodom-meets-Disney. We'd tell you what we did, but it was dark and there were so very many Klingons.... Anyway, the first update of Lisby's new story, Trillobiography (Book II of Vestigy) is up in Lisby's Limited Oeuvre. New pictures have also been added to many of the galleries, and Things That Make Skinner Nervous has been broken out of DaddyDaddyDaddy to make its own gallery.

We still haven't resolved our Gossamer linking problem. It looks like we are going to have to download all the previous Gossamer material and store it ourselves. This is going to take us awhile, because we're basically lazy people who'd much rather be playing on Ebay, so for now, the dumping to the general Gossamer story-finding site continues. We swear we'll get this worked out.

Finally, thank you to everyone who wrote such glowing feedback for Vestigy. It made Lisby's lifetime!


Congratulations to David Duchovny and Tea Leoni on the April 24th birth of a daughter! And congrats to Mr. D. on the wonderful episode, The Unnatural. Let me show you the reaction to this episode in our livingroom:

(Thanks to for this image. Lisby stole it shamelessly after she finished peeing her pants.)


Vestigy is finished!!!!!!!!! Feedback is welcome! We've added something new in the humor section. The links to Gossamer are still in limbo. Bear with us. Or bare with us, if you enjoy that kind of thing.


The links are to Gossamer are not down, but they are in transition do to major changes on Gossamer's end. We will have everything back to normal as soon as possible. In the mean time, you can still read the stories we link to. Our icons will take you to the Gossamer main page, where you can search for the story. Sorry to have to make you take this extra step, but it is only temporary.

We're going to be working on making cover pages for the half dozen or so stories that don't have them right now.

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We've added two more stories: Fatherland, in which Skinner runs to ground a missing indigent Mulder. Don't laugh. It's great. Also added is a first effort at fan fic by a talented new writer. The story is called Absence of a Heartbeat, wherein Scully struggles to save Mulders' life after his kevlar vest fails.... Also, Vestigyhas been updated yet again. (Really, it's almost done!)


Vestigy has been updated.


Two new stories have been added: Mustang Sally's And Dance By the Light of the Moon and Anna's The Get Away. The first is MSR, the second is Mulder/Skinner slash. Both are tons of fun. Enjoy.


A new gallery, "The Way He Loves Her", is online. Yeah, yeah, don't it sound shippy. Well, you're assuming you know who HE is. Anyway, that ends the gallery update for the moment. Now Lisby is off to finish Vestigy.


We've added Palinurus's fantastic slash piece, Missing, to the stories page. Yeah, we know we gotta catch up on making intro pages to the newer stories. We don't want any of the authors to feel slighted. If you don't have a cover page now, you will soon. We swear. Cross our hearts. Lisby has also been up waaaaaay too late adding to the galleries--especially MulderTorture and Mulder Angst. They look damn fine, if we say so ourselves. Finally, we've started a list for e-mail updates of this site. Please let us know if you'd like to be subbed.


The flu has nearly wiped out the Ft. Lisby population. As part of her theraputic recovery, Lisby is adding new photos to the galleries. While Lil was here visiting from Tijuana, she and Marlene did some lovely cover pages for stories in the rec section..... A little more Vestigy was also added.


We've added two new stories--Pharmacoepia and Assistant Director Walter Skinner. We here at IOHO have a big ol' soft spot for Daddydaddydaddy (DDD), and both of these delightful vignettes feature Our Hero. The first shows DDD's soft side; the second, the machomachoman at his slapstick finest.

More photos have been added to the Professional Working Relationship gallery. Oh, we updated Vestigy again--yeah! We did. Lisby fixed some continuity errors early on. She's working on the conclusion right now. Stay tuned....


Vestigy has been updated. The fantastic story, Iolokus (all four parts) has been added. We're continuously sneaking more pictures into the galleries and have added a few sounds here and there. The links page is up. Please take the time to visit MulderClonesRUs. You'll never regret it. We're currently lobbying for a dark-eyed, sweaty, skittish, freshly-spanked Mulder clone, ourselves . Sign the darned-blamed guestbook! Preeeeetttyyy please?


The Pout--Being a Comedic Accompaniment to Lessons has been added to Lisby's Limited Oeuvre. The "Damn, He's Gorgeous" Gallery is finally pretty much fixed, and we're laying the foundations of a book and music store in association with We'll be featuring X-Files related material, plus true crime, law enforcement and forensics, history, paranormal studies, and more!


Now that Santa has come and the Lisby kids are buried under his leavings, it is possible to work on this site a bit.... First, we've added a new story by Anna called The Value of Pie. It's an X- Files/Twin Peaks crossover. In Lisby's area, Liliana's Spanish translation of Stratigraphy of Eons is in place. Vestigy has been updated once more.


The "Damn, He's Gorgeous" gallery is up. "Scully in Distress" should follow in a nanosecond. An expanded links page is in the works. Lisby has updated Vestigy once again. A few new stories in the "Best Of" section, too. Hey, sign the bleepin' guestbook!


A new gallery, "The Day Scully Snapped," is on line. Stay tuned for more: "Scully in Distress," "R.I.P.", and "Damn, He's Gorgeous." Lisby updated Vestigy today also. Believe it or not, Book I is nearing its end.


We've added a great slash piece called "A Little Vamp Tale" in which Mulder becomes one of the living dead by the hand of vampire with a cheesy name. It's another brilliant piece by Anna. Don't miss it.

We have also reformatted yet again to make the upload easier on you all. I'm about to add a squidgy little photo to the MulderTorture Gallery, and update Vestigy once again.

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We've updated Vestigy. Lots more to read.


We have added a memo prepared for us on the legal issues surrounding copyright infringement and X-Files fan fiction. The memo focuses on the acceptable and nonacceptable use of text removed from any piece of fiction for whatever purpose. This is a very informative document, and we thank the member of the X-Files community who carried out the legal research and wrote the memo.


Lessons 27B is up. Part C to complete the scene is on the way. Only a few more days until the premiere. Thank goodness we've survived another long, dry spell with so few casualties.


We've added some great stuff in the Excerpts, Fragments, and Unfinished Stories area. Vignette is a grim and horrible little tale of an assault on Mulder, Mulder's Shrink by A. Anne-Leigh Child, focuses on one of Mulder's therapy sessions, and A Contemplation of Mallards andGrief are heartbreaking fragmentary works by Amperage never before on the Web. Read and enjoy. Hey! Sign our guest book!


Because LoneGunGuy likes it so much, Lisby's worked on Vestigy and may keep it up until Book One is done. In either case, there are some new scenes. Enjoy.


Happy Birthday, Mulder!

The Professional Working Relationship Gallery is finally up, as is April is the Cruelest Month. We are about to add Lessons part 27A. Check back soon for the next IOHO Gallery--The Day Scully Snapped!


Diaspora is up and we will be shortly adding LoneGunGuy's fantastic X-File/Homicide crossover, April is the Cruelest Month. Wabash, Far Away has also been added. The Forensic Twins ("Dana Katherine!") have been making us smile for weeks.

Unhappily, we've also chosen to remove our recommendation for Sheare Bliss's Complicated Shadows--but not because Lisby changed her mind about the recommendation. It's still a great story, and if you can find it, read it.

Lisby has put up information about ordering Echoes From Medieval Halls from Amazon Books, and a few of her other published magazine articles. Click on 'Published Work' in 'Lisby's Limited Oeuvre.'


The Things That Make Mulder Nervous gallery has arrived! We've also reformatted to make the index page download faster. Very shortly, we will be adding LoneGunGuy's marvelous new screenplay, Diaspora. Keep checking back! And finally, we noticed that only half of Lessons was linked! Sheesh! We're sorry! It's all up now--for real this time!


We've added four new stories, plus the very lurvley Crop Circle Gallery. We've also updated the Angst and Muldertorture Galleries....and ALL of Lessons (up to part XXVI) is online with accompanying photos. If you're reading this, please sign our guest book. Feedback is ambrosia to us worker bees.


{pant pant pant} The Muldertorture Gallery is online. After stuffing ourselves with tea, scones, clotted cream and jam (food of the gods, I swear!) we found enough energy to tackle the project. It might have been done a little faster if each image hadn't mesmerized us. What is it about this face? I've never seen a face designed to show pain so beautifully.


Yes, we know that all the Gossamer links are down. We're sorting it out right now. Please don't hurt us.... Yes, Lessons is still being put up. We're sorting it out right now. Please don't hurt us....


We're working on Lessons right now--trying to get it uploaded and everything lovely and spic-n-span. Lisby is also working on the Ghost Gallery, adding explanatory text to the images. As soon as Lessons is up and the ghosts are explained, we'll start on the anticipated Muldertorture Gallery. (Jeez, tweaking this page takes's worse than missing time. And there's always a new typo somewhere!)