"'Well...' Frohike spread his hands expansively, his stubby fingers peeking out from the ends of his gloves. 'The thing of it is, and I know you guys are going to laugh, surprising as this might sound, but The Lone Gunman magazine has not been the financial boon we'd hoped it would be. The Internet has cut us deep, and we realized that if we wanted to retain our high stylin' techno pad we'd have to find another source of de niro.'

'I voted for dog-walking,' Byers interjected. 'Mrs. Benson next door has a lovely Jack Russell Terrier.'

'With fangs like Cerberus,' Frohike shot back.

'Guys.' Mulder folded his arms across his chest. 'The point? Please?'

The threesome exchanged another round of guilty looks. Frohike took a deep breath. 'We started a comic book,' he said at last."


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