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You Can Get There From Here
 (Lisby's Live Journal)



Floating Free
MSR; angst
A post-"The End" vignette in which Christmas is celebrated.

Winter Beach
M/other. XF/Buffy crossover
When Mulder met Anya.

Sk/Sc/M. Angst; Post-Col, AU
A Spooky and Wire Rims Award-winning post-colonization epic
of lost memories and eternal ties, as told by Walter Skinner.

Sk/Sc/M. Angst; Post-col; MT; AU
The sequel to Vestigy.
This is a work in progress.

Clutching at 
Angst; AU
The prequel to Vestigy.
Mulder writes to Skinner from the Consortium lab where he is being held prisoner.

Angst; MT; AU; post-ep
A post-Gethsemane AU set in the hours after Mulder's suicide.
The morgue is visited by Cancer Man and the Bounty Hunter.

Stretched Between 
M/Sc/SK. Angst; MT; H/C; AU
The sequel to Post Extremis.
Mulder heals by the seaside.

Stratigraphy of 
MSR; angst
Mulder falls apart during a difficult case.

Stratigraphy of 
Spanish version of Stratigraphy of Eons.
Translated by Liliana Gil Valdivia.

November 11
M/Sc/Sk. Angst; MT; H/C; Post-Requiem AU
After three years, Mulder is released by the Grays.
Meanwhile, for Skinner and Scully, life has moved on.
Silver Suture Award winner for Best short story.

Edge of Field Edge of Field
Sc/Sk/M. Angst; Season 8 AU; MT; post-col
Scully recounts the unexpected turn her fortunes take after colonization.
Silver Suture Award Winner for Best Mulder/Scully/Skinner Threesome.

M/Sc friendship in transit to love. Angst; major MT including rape
In 1995, Mulder trades himself to a sadist for information about his sister.

This is a work in progress.
Silver Sutures Award Winner for Best Unfinished Story.

The Pout
A Comedic Accompaniment to Lessons.

Sk/M. Slash; case file
A relationship grows between Mulder and Skinner during a time of duress.

By: Lisby and Amanda Wilde (MaybeAmanda)
Category: MSR, Post-Truth, AU, a little MT, 2005 X-OK Holiday Fic

Intervention of Elves

Category: Vignette. MSR, post col, post show. Rating: R 
Summary: Scully writes to Santa and uses lots of 
swear words therein.


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