"Mother Abagail's eyes narrowed. 'You've been seein' him at night. The one with red eyes and the beast's hands...'

Mulder nodded in amazement.

'I can answer your question, child. He *is* real...just as real as old Mother Abagail before you.'

Mulder shuddered. He knew that Mother Abagail told him the truth. 'How can I make it stop?' he pleaded.

'Fox, child. You listen to an old woman.' She shook her bony finger and pointed to his heart.

'You won't be able to stop the evil one from seeking you. I know how he frightens you...how he won't leave well enough alone. He invades your dreams. It isn't for me to stop yet...perhaps, if God wills it, I will do battle later...but that is for Him to know. But, He has told me this...there is something you can do. A strength you sometimes forget...'"




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