Ice Capades Rock for Dana And Fox by bcfan Demented pic courtesy of Foxsong.This story is MaybeAmanda's and Foxsong's fault, but I can't decide who's most culpable. Let's weigh the evidence: The incredibly saucy graphic vs. the twisted beta who egged me on. You be the judge. SPOILERS: 310 words, a soupcon of Detour *** Mulder and Scully are an Ice Capades doubles team, stuck in Toronto Pearson International Airport in a snowstorm. Mulder wiggles in the uncomfortable seat, sighing. "Scully, kill me now. I can't believe we're in the middle of godforsaken nowhere - and Air Canada has some of the most humourless agents on the face of the earth." Scully gazes with rapt attention at her handsome partner. The sequins in her jacket are the perfect match for her azure blue eyes. "Have you thought seriously about dying?" Mulder shrugs. "Yeah, once, when I was watching that x- files show on t.v. and it made fun of our profession. No one understands the reality of ice skating. We're athletes, dammit - yet we continue to get no respect. I mean, look at Elvis Stoiko!" Scully sighs in appreciation. "Now there's a man's man." Mulder impulsively grabs Scully's tiny hand, engulfing it in his own. Their body parts seem to fit together seamlessly, like two pieces of the same Canadian puzzle. "As soon as this weather clears, Scully, let's take a break. How would you feel about flying to Vancouver for a holiday?" "Balmy Vancouver? For Christmas? With twinkling red and green lights on every rooftop? Love it!" Mulder and Scully share a smile of anticipation. They can't wait to experience the coastal mountains with its world class skiing, bike rides around Stanley Park followed by a libation of fine merlot in a nearby eatery, excellent Chinese take-out cuisine with a variety of delicious spicy soy sauces (and fortune cookies for dessert!), Nicola Cavendish and her hilarious Snowing on Saltspring play, natural and dramatic ocean vistas where fish are often seen cavorting with joy, banana slugs as large as a child's arm and, best of all, no snow. Just the gentle caress of the blessing rain. More mist than rain really. The perfect Christmas holiday venue. END Ice Capades Rock for Dana and Fox by bcfan *** Written in the red-hot burning flame of inspiration for The XOK 155-310 Word (or More, or Less) Festive Season Fic Challenge. Here's a hint for newbie writers: If you can't figure out how to use all the Challenge elements - put them in the last paragraph! ------------------------------------ Any Era! Any Pairing! Any Theme! ------------------------------------ Suggested inclusions: 1) Someone/thing from the XFiles! 2) reference to a holiday - any holiday! 3) Reference to your favorite episode (feel free to make it obscure!!!) 4) The word *red.* Or *white.* *Green?* Okay, some color! 5) Mention of one (or more) of the following: take-out food- cookie/s- flight/flying- fish- libations- soy