Hopes and Betrayals by Deirdre "Who are you, then?" "Who am I?" Her voice grew bitter. "Let's see .... the perfect agent, brought up into my role. Lover of desperate man, a man who betrayed and who was betrayed. Daughter of one of the most powerful men in the country, idealized sister of one of the determined. I slip into and out of roles, I am whomever someone needs me to be. Right now, I'm the crazy woman who thinks that I can help, that I can break someone I've watched change and grow out of the cycle I see her settling into. I am the one who already gave up on another, who watches him stumble around an endless maze he will never find an end to. Because no end exists. Only more questions, and more secrets. Secrets buried so deeply that no one knows that they still exist. I am a traitor, and a loyal American, depending on who's making the distinction. Someone with delusions, or someone perfectly stable, depending on whom I'm talking to. I am whatever you expect me to be." *Click image to read* * Stories* * Home*