< /hollow.txt> "*I*f I asked you about a Thanksgiving that happened more than two decades ago, how much would you remember? I remembered every detail of that day up until the no-name man left the kitchen. Then nothing until the next morning. There was a gap in my memory, but I didn't even realize it until my hypnotherapy. "I have very few regrets in life. After twenty years of marriage my husband is still my best friend. My girls are great and my career is going well. I'm a success by the standards of the world and by my own, but there was one change I wanted to make and I thought hypnosis might help. "The therapist spent almost an hour talking to me, and then she told me her plan. She wanted to use hypnosis bring me back in time, back to my freshman year in college. "That wasn't what I had expected from her, but I said we could give it a try." Click the collage by Tre to read. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ** *Stories* ** *Home*