The Great Beyond by Buckingham ------------------------------------------------------------------------ *"'Do you think we'd be doing this if it weren't for William?' he asks softly, almost hoping the words will be lost in the music so neither he nor Scully will have to acknowledge that he's said the words.* *'Doing what?' she asks, blinking back the things he's yet to say. Her eyes are wide open, though, when he raises his hand and sweeps it across the room, capturing their life in his open hand. * *'This,' he says softly. 'All of this. Together.'* *He rubs the embroidered elephant on the front of William's T-shirt, and his fingertips feel gritty and warm. When he risks a look at Scully, she does not flinch. Her face is hard and closed-off, but in her steady gaze, he sees something break. * *'We do have William,' she says, her voice careful and low, sounding both confused and hurt."* ------------------------------------------------------------------------ *Click image to read* * Stories* * Home*