(Interregnum VI)
By Horatio

"Suddenly Scully spoke up, startling Doggett out of his reverie. 'This is a hopeful sign,' she said.

"'In a way, yes,' he said carefully.

"She looked at him, her eyes unnaturally bright. 'Teresa Hoese is alive.'

"He didn't speak for a moment, choosing his words with care. 'Yes. She's alive. But we need to be cautious with our hope.' Lightly he touched her hand on the armrest. 'Remember, she's hangin' onto life by a thread.'

"Scully snatched her hand away. Doggett returned his to his lap, feeling a flush rise to his cheek. 'I was clinging to life when I was returned from my abduction,' she said. 'This is the pattern for these kinds of abductions, Agent Doggett, whatever you think the cause of them may be. If Teresa has been returned alive, we have reason to hope that others will be returned, too.'