Closing the File
by JRF Patton

 "Doggett pulled himself up straight and clenched his jaw in a way she recognized as determination. His hard stare was for her. 'I don't like how Mulder assumes things -- and acts like we're all ignoramuses. I don't like his arrogance, his temper -- and I don't like that he gets raised from the dead -- a new life -- and he's not grateful.' 

'Grateful to whom?' Her scorn came from a new place. A guilty space inside her that she didn't know existed until Doggett called it out. 'To me for being too slow in finding him? To Skinner who let him go in the first place? To you for refusing to see what was there all along? To Kersh who wants to steal his life's work? Which of us has earned his gratitude?'"


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