XOK is what, exactly?

X-OK is a friendly, no-flaming *adult* (18 and older) list for In Our Humble Opinion, designed for X-Files fans who still enjoy the show, writing and reading fanfic, and just talking about the good old days. Friendly exchanges of opinions are welcome, as is fanfic of all genres. From time to time, the listmoms issue fanfic and art challenges, which are open to all the members of the list. (Click HERE to join!)
Challenge #1
Fairy Tale Challenge

Challenge #2

Challenge #3
Merry Xmas

Art Challenge #1
Mulder Angst/Torture
Special Mulder Angst/Torture Bonus Fic
Double Dog Dirty Dare Denouement

Challenge #4
Stranger Things...

Challenge #5
Ars Domestica

Challenge #6

Challenge #7
Mulder Laughter

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