"What's the matter, Mulder? You thought you were going to team up with the bomber?"

Krycek's commentary was exactly what Mulder didn't need. With twenty agents already looking at him like he was the main attraction at the local freak show, an argument with an invisible man would do nobody any favors. More alarming though was the idea that Krycek might be right - he hadn't felt that perturbed by the idea that some avenging angel was going after the bad guys and declaring himself judge, jury and executioner. It was only the fact that the killer's aim was a little off that had reminded Mulder that it was a crime.

Scully's fingers bit into his wrist, breaking the trance. He nodded, glanced at the other agents who obliged by rapidly shifting their attention back to Skinner. There were times when his reputation came in handy.

Skinner paused. "Agent Mulder? Did you have something to add?"



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