"'I accept that the girls were really raped,' Scully answered. 'At least there's evidence to support that. I'm just not willing to buy the rest of it. I sincerely doubt that the rapist was really an erudite, body-building super-being with a massive twelve-inch p--'

'I get your point, Scully,' Mulder interrupted hastily. 'Maybe some of it is a little hard to believe. But I still say there's more to it than just wishful thinking. What about the music the victim heard?'

"'Jesus Christ, Superstar'? I'd say that feeds directly into the fantasy, wouldn't you, Mulder? She even claimed it wasn't the radio. The song just floated down from the heavens.'

'No, she said it came from outside. She never implied it had a heavenly origin. And does that really sound like heaven to you--hearing the same Andrew Lloyd Webber tune played over and over? Because if that's the best I can hope for, Scully, I'm not dying.'"



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