Collage by E

All the Way Home

A story of shoes, and murder.

"They sat on his couch, facing one another.... Beside them, his coffee table was a collage of shoe pictures, dozens of dazzling high heels, and she recognized some of them as those believed to belong to the murdered women.... 'It's the shoes that do it for him, isn't it,' she said.

"'Yes,' he said without hesitation. 'At the root of this guy's psychosis is a garden variety shoe fetish. Last time we tried to get to him that way, chasing down leads in sex shops, shoe stores, that sort of thing. Nothing panned out.... You wouldn't believe how many people out there are into shoes, and I mean really into shoes.'

"Scully picked up one photo, a close-up of a navy pump covered in sequined flowers.... 'The shoe fetish is quite common,' she said. 'The theory is that it's because our brains are wired so that that sensory processing from the feet is right next to the processing for the genitals. In some people, the two regions may actually overlap.'

"'And the shopping region?' he asked. 'Do women have that one right next to the shoe neurons, too?'"

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